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Porus 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Puru Saves Slaves Again!


Porus 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Porus 18th December 2017 Episode Start With Sajjan Singh/Ripu Daman takes salves to grave yard and ties them to a tree. Hasti informs Puru that baba/Sajjan Singh went to drop slaves to Pourav rastra. Puru senses something is wrong and runs. Sajjan pulls his knife. Slaves plead why he wants to kill them, their whole family will finish if he kills them. Sajjan opens medicine bottle and asks to drink it, they will not feel pain. He is about to feed them medicine when Puru with Lachi reaches and calls him. He gets nervous hearing Puru.

Puru asks why did he bring them to grave yard instead of dropping them to Pourav rastra, is it because he cannot see his shadow and self conscience in night. Sajjan says he is doing his duty and tells him what Dasyu rani ordered. Puru says he thought him to protect people, then how can he back off from his teachings.Sajjan says he is doing his duty and asks will he stop him. Puru says his self-conscience will stop him. Sajjan angrily thrusts knife towards slave. Slave shouts and Puru/Lachi get tensed hearing scream, but relax seeing knife hitting tree and not slave. Puru says he will speak to Dasyu rani and says let us go back to dasyu pradesh.

In Pourav rastra, Shivdutt hires entertainers and asks one of them to entertain him. Entertainer cracks jokes that he is very handsome, very talented, very kind hearted, but he is lying. Shivdutt looks silently. Entertainer gets tensed. Shivdutt starts laughing holding his tummy and says he appointed Entertainer as his personal entertainer. Kaushik comes and says he did not see him laughing so much till now. Shivdutt continues laughing. Kaushik says he has a plan to trap dasyus.

Puru with Sajjan and Lachi takes slaves back to dasyu pradesh. Everyone look in a surprise. Dasyu rani asks Sajjan who brought slaves back. Puru says he brought them and asks why she broke her promise and instead of sending slaves to Pourav rastra wanted them killed. Dasyu rani says they are dasyu/pirates and they loot wealth and vanish spontaneously without leaving a trace of them, they are untraceable till now, if dasyu’s go back, they may reveal their whereabouts, even if they don’t, pouravs will send them back as slave to Faras.

In Pourav rastra, slaves’s wife files complaint that her husband is a sculptor and makes dolls, he is missing since 1 month. Darius’s aide signals at Shivdutt and Kanishk and tells lady she can stay in palace until her husband is found.

Puru asks Dasyu rani he did wrong by brining slaves here, what is the mistake of these slaves. Dasyu rani’s heart softens and she says Puru can take slaves to Poruav rastra and drop them home. Sajjan reminisces the whole incident from Bamni being poisoned, Shivdutt attacking Anusuya, throwing Puru in water, killing Anusuya, etc.. and says Puru is immature and gets excited without thinking much, so he Hasti should go instead. Lachi says she and Sumer will go. Dasyu rani says Lachi, Sumer, and Hasti will go to drop slaves and tells her husband that she sees great brave risk taking brain in Puru, the risk she did not take till now. Drama continues…


Porus 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sajjan Singh’s wife asks him to tell Pur that he is not their son and her mother is dead. Puru shatters hearing that. Sikandar is seen killing people in battlefield and telling he writes his future from other’s blood.

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Porus Details

Porus is a historical-drama television series based on the life of Porus, King of the Pauravas, and Alexander The Great, and events that lead to their common destiny, Battle of the Hydaspes. It premiered on 27 November 2017 on Sony TV.The show was created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary of Swastik Productions. It is said to be the most expensive show on Indian television, having a budget of about INR 500 crores (roughly USD 80 million). In Sri Lanka, it airs on Sirasa TV, dubbed into Sinhala and titled as Digvijaya


Hrishikesh Pandey
Gurpreet Singh
Ashlesha Sawant
Aruna Irani
Aparna Dixit
Aditya Redij
Suzanne Bernert
Shraddha Musale
Rohit Purohit
Riya Deepsi
Rati Pandey
Praneet Bhatt
Nalini Negi
Mohit Abrol
Laksh Lalwani

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min