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Porus 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Puru Heads Towards Darius’ Wealth Hideout


Porus 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Porus 19th March 2018 Episode Start With Puru walks sadly alone thinking nobody can take Laachi’s place in his heart. A masked archer pulls arrow towards him. Puru hears sound and turns. Arrow hits his right shoulder. Puru removes arrows. Archer shoots arrows continuously and Puru escapes them. He then runs behind archer. Archer slips and falls on stairs. Puru walks towards archer. Archer cuts Puru’s shoulder with knife and escapes. Puru shouts coward, attack from front.

Laachi returns to dasyu hideout. Mahanandini tells Laachi that they will destroys at least 2 of Pourav rastra’s grocery houses and asks if she found out any clue. Laachi says she did not yet. Hasti walks in and says he found out grocery house addresses and they will easily destroy it tomorrow.

Laachi says he went into palace, then how did he find grocery house addresses. Puru says he went in and saw Puru practicing sword with Farsi princess, he has totally become princess and forgot us. Laachi says even she saw him. Mahanandini asks if she met Puru. Laachi says she did not.

Anusuya applies turmeric paste on Puru’s left shoulder (arrow hit is right shoulder earlier). Puru says he could sense Laachi around him, he does not know why she did not meet him. Anusuya says maybe she did not come seeing him with Barsin. He says something is happening, else Laachi would not come here without reason, he needs to find it out. She says he is emotionally and physically hurt and should be carefully. He says even his mother and motherland are hurt, it is his duty to protect them.

Bamni walks in and gets concerned seeing Puru’s injury and asks who dared to attack him. Puru says his enemies who don’t want to see him alive, they are the one who are supported by Bamni. Bamni shouts to be specific. Puru shows arrow and says it is neither Pour rastra’s nor Farsi, means someone else attacked him, he is going out to find out. Bamni says it is dangerous for him. Puru ignores him and tells Anusuya not to worry, he will return before holi celebrations tomorrow.

Kanishk tellls Darius that he promised to get him married to Barsin. Darius says Farsis don’t break their promise. Kanishk says Bamni has soft corner for Puru and his mother and is getting closer to them each day, so Darius should speak to Bamni soon. Darius says he promised to get his daughter married to Kanishk, but did not promise to speak to Bamni, so Kanishk should do it himself.

Kanishk says he will speak to father tomorrow. Darius asks if he is sure he will be alive till tomorrow, he learnt in this country to do things quicker and not delay, so Kanishk should speak to his father tomorrow morning before holi celebrations in front of him, then they will announce Kanishk and Barsin’s wedding during holi celebrations and soon there will be mehandi on their hands.

Dasyus get out of their hideout via manhole. They hide seeing someone coming. Puru comes on his horse and seeing manhole open and reminisces Laachi and him getting into hideout via that manhole and rest of incidents. Laachi gets emotional seeing him. Puru thinks when Laachi was with him, mom was not with him, now mom is with him and Laachi is not, only Laachi can understand his heart and will always. He leaves. Dasyus come out from their hideout.

Mahanandini asks Laachi that she told Puru did not notice her. Laachi says he did not. Mahanandini says looks like Puru sensed her presence, it is very dangerous for them. Hasti pulls out knife and says they will show what revenge is to this Pourav prince Puru. Mahanandini warns not to make any mistakes as hiding is Dasyus biggest strength. She asks Laachi to follow Puru and even if he sees her, tell him that she came to meet him. She disperses her team and leaves. Laachi sees Puru’s blood on floor and touches it.

In Macedonia, Olympia brainwashes Posenius that his loyalty will not go waste, he should kill Philip tomorrow. Once he leaves, Thasius comes out. Alexander asks him to kill Posenius once he kills Philip as he became disloyal to Philip with just one incident, he may betray even me…


Porus 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Posenius is abou5 to stab Philip from behind when Philip turns. Puru reaches jungle and thinks according to Barsin, Darius must have hidden his wealth somewhere here. Masked archer follows Puru.

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Porus is a historical-drama television series based on the life of Porus, King of the Pauravas, and Alexander The Great, and events that lead to their common destiny, Battle of the Hydaspes. It premiered on 27 November 2017 on Sony TV.The show was created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary of Swastik Productions. It is said to be the most expensive show on Indian television, having a budget of about INR 500 crores (roughly USD 80 million). In Sri Lanka, it airs on Sirasa TV, dubbed into Sinhala and titled as Digvijaya


Hrishikesh Pandey
Gurpreet Singh
Ashlesha Sawant
Aruna Irani
Aparna Dixit
Aditya Redij
Suzanne Bernert
Shraddha Musale
Rohit Purohit
Riya Deepsi
Rati Pandey
Praneet Bhatt
Nalini Negi
Mohit Abrol
Laksh Lalwani

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min