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Porus 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Alexander Wins Battle!


Porus 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Porus 20th December 2017 Episode Start With Alexander warns king Satishia to run away if he wants to save his life. Satishia laughs and says he will be killed easily. Alexander throws knife on soldier in a split of second and kills him. He throws knife on king Satishia, but he escapes and orders soldiers to kill Alexander. Alexander rides his horse in opposite direction. Soldiers follow him.

At palace, Olympia’s aide rushes to her and says Alexander with a few soldiers has gone to fight with king Satishia and asks to call him back. Olympia says she is worried for Satishia instead as her son is a born winner. After sometime, maid asks if they should run away. She says her son will win, so she need not worry.

Alexander misleads Trishia soldiers and gets them trapped among his soldiers. His soldiers obey his order and bombard Trishia soldiers, trap them in a net, shower stones on them, ablaze them, etc. He then rushes back to battlefield with his soldiers. Satishia orders his soldiers to attack. Alexander with his soldiers bravely fights and massacres Trishia soldiers. He then signals his hidden soldiers to shoot fire arrows and orders battlefield soldiers to bend. Once they bend, soldiers shower fire arrows and they explode on Trishia soldiers, killing many. Satishia angrily attacks Alexander, but Alexander angrily counterattacks and easily defeats him. His soldiers surround Satishia and are about to kill him when Alexander stops them and says Satishia needs a king’s punishment and not a common soldier’s. He lifts Satishia and walks.

Puru sits at the bank of Jhelum river. Lachi walks to him. He asks if she did not go yet. She says no, she is searching him since night, where was he, he has to accompany them to Pourav rastra. He says Sumer and Hasti are accompanying her. She says crowds follow a leader and he is their leader. She continues that along with strength, intelligence is also needed to guide them in rough situations in Pourav rastra. He agrees to accompany her. She asks what about maa’s order. He says 3 people will go, him, she and Sumer, not Hasti…


Porus 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Puru tells Hasti that he will go to Pourav rastra. Hasti gets adamant and fights with him. Puru apologizes and breaks his wrist. Alexander punishes Satishia and orders him to plead his for life. Olympia smirks hearing that. Satishia pleads Alexander to forgive him him. Alexander says he wants to see same fear in people’s eyes whoever takes his name. He ties Alexander to a horse and drags him on ground.


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