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Porus 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Alexander Punishes Shah Thesia/Puru Heads Towards Pourav Rastra!


Porus 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Porus 21st December 2017 Episode Start With Puru stops Hasti and says he cannot go to Pourav rastra. Hasti warns him not to interfere as he promised already. Puru gets adamant that he will not let him go and holds his hand. Hasti beats him, but Puru does not leave his hand. Their fight continues. Lachi runs and informs Sajjan and his wife that Puru and Hasti are fighting. They both rush to the spot. Puru breaks Hasti’s wrist and says now he cannot go to Pourav rastra. He tells mother that Hasti will not go to Pourav rastra as per her wish. Hasti writhes in pain. Mom rushes to him. Puru then tells Sajjan that he wants to go to Pourav rastra as Hasti is injured and cannot use sword. Sajjan says it is his mistake that he tried to change destiny, Puru can go to pourav rastra.

Puru with Sumer, Lachi and others heads boats towards Pourav rastra. Sumer comments he broke his brother’s hands. Lachi asks not to fight and asks Puru what plan he has. Sumer asks why did not he inform him. Puru says he does not want to fail his plan. Lachi asks him to tell plan or if they will just reach Pourav rastra shore and ask soldiers to arrest them. Puru laughs at her and asks to take boats to the left. Lachi asks why left, Pourav rastra is on the right side. She stands and sees boulder on the way. Everyone laugh on her. She feels embarrassed and smiles.

In Macedonia, Alexander with his soldiers returns after winning the battle, dragging Shah Thesia. People chant his name. Olympia applies glitter on his face as a token of appreciation. Alexander addresses people that Shah Thesia dare to attack Macedonia when king Philip is out on another battle, now it is people’s right to punish Shah Thesia the way they want. People throw stones on Shah Thesia. Someone comments that Alexander has to wait till Shah Philip returns to give punishment to Shah Thesia. Olympia says Alexander is the future king and heir of Macedonia throne. Man comments again. Alexander angrily walks to him and warns dare not to speak to his mother loudly. He then walks to Shah Thesia and says he dare to attack Macedonia and should be dragged by horse till his body leaves flesh and even bone shatter. Shah Thesia pleads for mercy. Alexander says he wants to see same fear in whoever takes his name. He lashes horse and it drags Shah Thesia hitting him on stones, etc. Shah Thesia dies.

Porus 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Puru with his team reaches Pourav Rastra. Slave gets afraid seeing Kanishk and asks team to walk in a row bending their heads. Puru does not.Kanishk stopes him and asks why he did not bend. Puru says he thought he is Farsi/Persian.Kanishk slaps him. Olympia tells Alexander that she wants him to win whole world.


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