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Porus 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Puru Meets His Mother Anusuya!


Porus 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Porus 26th December 2017 Episode Start With Farsi soldier misbehaves with Anusuya calling her mad and asks to go away. Anusuya insists to give food to her child, it is very hungry. He asks where is her child. Spectators laugh on her. Anusuya showing her empty hands says this is her child, her son will grow up and kick out all Farsis. They laugh that she is mad, there is no child. Anusuya says this is her child. They continue laughing on her. Puru watches silently. Laachi says it is time to go, else they cannot complete their goal, takes him away from there. Anusuya bites Farsi soldier’s hand. He tries to trash her when Farus enters and asks to take this mad woman away, else Kanishk will get angry. Anusuya continues requesting to give food to her son.

In Macedonia, Alexander reads history of Troy and how it got defeated via Sparta.He asks his friend Ephastian what did he understand. Ephastian says Sparta people were intelligent and won proving intelligent mind can win always. Alexander says it is proved not to accept gift from enemies, their gift is more dangerous than their sword. Philip enters commenting that he always things about enemies, he should give time for his dear ones also and says he came to thank him for protecting Macedonia and wants him to make army chief as he is not only a good warrior but also can guide soldiers. Alexander accepts his proposal. Olympia gets angry hearing that.

Laachi with Puru shows slaves’ ornament to his wife and says her husband is safe. Wife asks who are they. Laachi says they are Dasyu. Wife gets tensed. Laachi asks not to worry, they came here not to loot but to protect and asks her to gather all her team near Jhelum shore travel from h ere to a safer place.

Alexander walks to Olympia’s room. Olympia asks where was he, she was searching him. Alexander says she came to a place where Philip was speaking to him, searching him. She asks why did he accept army chief’s designation while his goal to become king. Alexander says it is the step towards throne. He puts shah Thesia’s finger necklace in her neck and says this will remind that he will conquer Bharat soon.

Farsi soldiers continue pestering Anusuya and walk. She runs behind them and asks why are they running away cowardly. They push her and laugh if her son will punish them now. She falls down and gets inured. Soldiers leave. Puru walks in. Anusuya senses her child coming. Puru cleans her face and lifts her. Anusuya says her son is hungry, they pushed her. Puru calls her maa and says let us get food for her son. Farsi soldiers in their den enjoy drinks and dance. Arrogant soldier gets hair strand in liquor and angrily throws it on server yelling dumb Bharatis cannot even hold their hair properly. Puru walks in with Anusuya kicking door open. Soldiers pull their swords out.


Porus 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Puru makes Anusuya sit on chair and trashes arrogant soldier telling he wanted too maa’s son, here he is. Farus enters and attacks. Puru trashes Farus and his soldiers. Kanishk enters next.

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