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Porus 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Porus 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Porus 27th December 2017 Episode Start With Puru takes Anusuya to a hotel where Farsi soldiers are enjoying feast. Soldiers angrily pulls swords. Puru says they came here to have food. He makes Anusuya sit on a chair and asks waiter if he can get food. Waiter stands silently looking at soldier. Soldier signals okay.

Bamni sits for dinner. Kanishk comes and starts food. Shivdutt asks if he caught Dasyu. Kanishk says not yet, but soon will. Bamni asks howmuch time he was there. Kanishk says 2 pahar. Bamni says he wasted 1 pahar traveling, so he wasted 3 pahar and orders to finish his job. Kanishk angrily walks away. Bamni’s wife says why did not he let son have food. Bamini says her son left food, but prince went searching enemies, he will be more angry in empty stomach and vent out his anger on enemy.

Waiter serves curd rice to Anusuya. Puru asks her to have it. Anusuya acts as feeding her baby. Puru says her son’s stomach is full, she can have food now. She eats food from her mouth directly. Soldier laughs that she is having food like a dog, he knows how to treat this Bharatis. He pulls sword. Puru breaks plate on his head and asks if anyone wants to know when maa’s son will wake up. Anusuya continues eating food directly from mouth. Other soldiers pull their swords. Farus walks in saying he came here on right time and attacks Puru. Puru reverts back. Laachi locks door from outside asking Puru to treat Farus well. Puru trashes brutally trashes soldiers. Farus with all soldiers attacks him at once. He trashes them all at once. Anusuya excitedly asks to trash everyone. He walks to her and emotionally wipes her face.

Kanishk comes towards hotel on his horse. Laachi sees him and gets tensed. Kanishk asks soldiers where are Farus and others. Soldier says for dinner. Kanishk angrily walks towards hotel. Laachi thinks she was fearing this would happen. Puru angrily pins down arrogant soldier again and says even their country has women and mothers, don’t they respect them. Soldier apologizes and asks if he can go. Puru says not yet and walks towards waiter. Waiter worriedly says he did not do anything. Puru says he tolerated insult and it is wrong. He fills liquor glass and asks waiter to throw it on arrogant soldier’s face, saying they should know the difference between a slave and a server. Waiter throws liquor on arrogant soldier’s face. Laachi signals from outside. Kanishk breaks door open and walks in with soldiers. He fumes seeing Puru.


Porus 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Puru breaks hotel door and runs with Anusuya. Kanishk thinks he will not spare Dasyu, let him run wherever he wants. Puru trashes Kanishk and injures him. Bamni asks who is this Dasyu who shed his son’s blood. Kanishk says he is Puru.

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