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Porus 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Anusuya Revenge From Bamni


Porus 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Porus 6th December 2017 Episode start with Anusuya tells Bamni that she wants to take revenge from him. Bamni says she is telling this under pressure. Anusuya loks at Ambhi and says she is in indeed under pressure. Ambhi angrily walks towards her. Anusuya then says she is under pressure of her land’s debt and wants to repay it by punishing him. Bamni says she is hiding truth and asks what is it. Ambhi says truth is his sister is not happy. Bamni asks Anusuya how he can make her happy, she is bearing his child. She says his mistake is he insulted her first and then accept her, her mistake is she is bearing his child and obeyed him blindly even knowing he is her enemy, she wants to correct mistake now.

Shivdutt gripped by soldiers with swords angrily tells Bamni that he did a big mistake by trusting Anusuya. Bamni says he made a sinand wants to correct it. He asks Anusuya what is her revenge for her insult. She says she wants his insult in front of whole Takshashila, when there is a question of man’s respect, he is dorned a throne on his hair, but Bamni is not entitled for any respect, so he has to tonsure his head in front of whole Takshahila and return back with bare head. Shivdutt says Pouravs can cut their head, but not their hair. Bamni says he accepts Anusuya’s demand.

Bamni removes his throne. Ambhi smirks. Barber sharpens knife to tonsure Bamni’s head. Bamni stops barber and says he wants Anusuya to take full revenge and herself tonsure his head. Ambhi says it is a good idea and asks Anusuya to do the honors. Anusuya picks knife with shivering hand and walks towards Bamni. Bamni looks at her face and then knife. Ambhi’s wife Alk asks to stop Anusuya. Ambhi says with time, revenge also strengthens, let his son also see what to do with enemies to take revenge. Bamni asks Anusuya why she is stopping, move forwards and insult him. Darius grins standing far away. Anusuya wets Bamni’s hair wit water and tonsures him with shivering hand. Ambhi laughs. Bamni just looks into her eyes while Shvidutt fumes helplessly. People chant Takshashila. Ambhi address them that Takshahila’s daughter took revenge and insulted and removed enemies throne, now no enemy can dare to confront them. People augh. Anuguya cuts Bamni’s scalp. Bamni bleeds and asks not to stop, he can bear more. Ambhi praises Anusuya that she showed her patriotism by cutting her husband’s scalp with poisonous knife. Anusuya is shocked and looks Bamni.

Bamni starts losing consciousness slowly, looking at Anusuya. Anusuya reminsces Bamni’s wish that he wants to be with her whole life and wants to see her while dying. He smiles at her and collapses. White substance droools from his mouth. Shivdutt retaliates and beats enemies. Pourav soldiers also fight. Shivdutt takes Bamnni from there.


Porus 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shivdutt tells it is better to kill Anusuya’s child for Pourav kingdom’s benefit. Senapathi takes Anusuya away in cart. Shivdutt’s soldiers attack her. Olympia gets labor pains and says it is time for her son Alexander to come on earth.

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