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Porus 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Arrival Of Porus And Alexander In The World!


Porus 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Porus 8th December 2017 Episode start with Senapati Ripu Daman helps Anusuya hide in jungle. Shivdutt and his men continues searching Anusuya. Ripu Daman comes in front to divert their attention. Shivdutt warns him that he will die for sure, but should choose if he wants to die as patriot or traitor. Ripu Daman says he destroys his enemies and protects dear ones, Anusuya is dear one. Shivdutt fights with him. Anusuya starts slipping due to rain and falls into water hole. Shivdutt kills Ripu Daman and orders soldiers to find Anusuya. Darius and Moses are seen there watching Anusuya’s movement.

In Macedonia, queen Olympia gets labor pain. People wait eagerly outside. She delivers baby boy and names her Alexander. She shows boy to people. People chant Alexander Alexander…

Anusya also delivers baby boy in water and holds it in her pallu. Shivdutt’s soldiers returns and says they did not find Anusuya anywhere. Shivdutt slits his throat and roars that he does not want to hear defeat and wants to kill Anusuya at any cost. Darius kicks stone and it falls on Anusuya into water. Anusuya shouts and escapes holding vine. Shivdutt hears her voice and pulls her up. He says she gave birth to the child of whose dream she showed it to Bamni and tricked him, she tried to kill Bamni by betraying him, now he will kill her child.

He walks to her and is about to attack with sword when she hits him with wooden log and runs. She reaches end of water falls. Shivdut says her son will be drowned in Jhelum river. Anusuya prays Jhelum river if she had to see this day for dreaming of united India, will her son die before seeing the world. She prays to protect her and her son. Shivdutt walks towards her and she walks back pleading to spare her. She slips and baby falls into water falls. She shouts no… Shivdutt smirks.


Porus 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ripu Daman saves Anusuya’s baby. Shivdutt ties stone on Anusuya’s feet and throws her into water. He then tells Bamni that Anusuya killed her baby. Shivutt’s soldier tries to kill baby when Ripu Daman saves it with tribal lady and her team’s help and requests her to take him along. He and his wife bring up child as tribal. Persian/Farsi businessman again try to invade India. Grown up Puru attacks Persian ship.


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