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Porus battle against Farsi’s for pride of motherland Bamni impressed (Upcoming Twist)


Porus: Porus (Laksh Lalwani) battle against Farsi’s for pride of motherland, Bamni (Aditya Redij) questions background

The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Porus is up for some new drama and twist.

Porus had found truth about Bamni being his father and Anusuya is his mother, Porus is astonished and decides to leave for Poruva rashtra.

Porus just want his mother Anusuya to get her rights being Poruva rashtra Queen and must get that love and care.

Bamni is facing tough times in Poruva land as Farsi’s and Darius has joined hands to defeat Bamni and invade him.

Porus and Bamni’s union of blood bond

While Porus will enter as ray of hope and will fight against Farsi’s for his motherland, Porus can’t let anyone insult his motherland.

Bamni gets impressed by Porus as he defeat Farsi’s and flips Darius’s evil trick thus making Poruva’s victorious.

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