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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update and POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 11th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Siddhant saying I want to kill Lala and end his group. He reminds Vikram’s words during training. He says I want to fulfill my motive, which is more imp than my life. Vikram says fine, go and fulfill your motive, as I said, we don’t leave buddies and bodies behind, you can make it to the flight, I m sure you will. He ends call. The guard allows Yusuf to find Nazneen, but none should happen to any Indian. He asks him to deposit his gun. Siddhant is checked by guard. He says I m going hospital, Lala is my father in law. Guard asks are you Sadeq, there is firing report. Siddhant says you know Lala has many enemies, you can’t stop me. He calls his man and says give phone to Lala. Guard says no need, give my wishes to Lala. He allows Siddhant to go.

Yusuf enters airport and asks about flight details. Yusuf and his men look for Nazneen. Yusuf says no one will move from their place. He sees someone like Nazneen. Its some other lady. He shouts Nazneen. Nazneen dressed as air hostess proceeds and enters the plane. She meets Santosh.

Harleen goes to Imaan and says Nazneen will be here in some hours, don’t worry. Sartaj comes and joins them. Vikram says Imaan, Nazneen is calling. Nazneen tells Imaan that she is on flight, but Siddhant could not come along. She makes Santosh talk to Vikram. Vikram says flight can get attacked, remember its their land, but flight and passengers are Indian.

Yusuf says how can they interfere. He argues with the security head. Yusuf says I won’t let Nazneen go alive from here, she is in that flight. The man asks how did she reach there. Yusuf says by Siddhant. The man says then kill Siddhant, not Nazneen. Yusuf asks the men to drive to hospital, and shoot Siddhant. Siddhant reaches hospital. Nisha joins Nazneen on flight. Santosh calls Vikram and says we will take 20 mins more for takeoff. Vikram says excellent, let’s hope Siddhant reaches there in 20mins.

Lala coughs. Afreen takes care of him. Lala says I think I m going to get free of this pain. She says what are you saying, doctor said you are getting better, let Siddhant come, he will make things fine, trust me. Lala says I trust. Siddhant comes and says I won’t break trust. Afreen asks Siddhant to come with her.

Nazneen says we are waiting for Siddhant. The officer says we can wait for more 15 mins, else Pakistan authorities will doubt. Afreen says I was calling you by worry, you did not answer, what happened to you. Siddhant says nothing. She says I m afraid for your child, we are going to become parents. Siddhant gets shocked. She asks are you happy. He says I did not hear a better news than this, how did you know. She says I went to donate blood, then I got to know, I have to collect reports, will you go anywhere. He says no, I won’t go anywhere. He holds her face. She goes. He recalls Vikram’s words.

Captain says we have to take off, sorry, if the men see you, anything can happen. Nazneen says Siddhant waited for us for 17 years, please I request you. He says okay. Siddhant sits crying. Flight takes off. Vikram tells everyone that flight has taken off, Siddhant did not reach. Sartaj asks what are you saying, talk to pilot, ask them to wait. He says what was the need, he was getting free, why did he not come. Imaan says we can do something. Shobha gets restless and calls Vikram.

He answers. She says you are sounding stressed. He says yes. She says sorry, don’t worry, everything will be fine. He says if anything in a day gets true, I hope it happens what you said. She says you did not come, Rohan was waiting, come home. He says I m sorry, I can’t come today. She says that’s okay, Rohan has holiday tomorrow. He says I will come. She asks him to take care and ends call.

Vikram says how to tell her, I could not get Siddhant again. Siddhant recalls Afreen’s words. He thinks of the little boy.

Siddhant runs away. Afreen gets shocked. Vikam guides Siddhant. Yusuf and his men look for Siddhant. Siddhant hides.

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