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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update and POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 11th March 2017 video watch online HD on 

The Episode starts with Siddhant making his last demand of a live satellite link. Shobha calls Vikram and says Sid is dead, you are dealing with a terrorist, I did Sid’s Shraddh, you do your duty, this birth for India, remember. He ends call and gets too sorrowful. Siddhant asks Thadani to be ready to tell truth to the world, that you were responsible for the tower attack. Govind says else you will kill us right. Siddhant signs his man not to shoot. Govind says civilians are saved, Sartaj gave his life to save the people, just we two are here, kill us, we will not accept what we did not do, you do your work, we will do ours. Siddhant says fine, get ready to go hell. Thadani says no, I will tell truth, I will say what you say. Govind asks him to listen.

The news plays. Siddhant gets permission for the video link. Afreen and Hussain reach Indian embassy. They get an entry. Vikram gets dressed for the battle. He comes to Imaan. Imaan says he would have wished the same being in our place. Vikram says we have permission to engage. Vikram explains the attack plan to his plan. He says we have just few mins, if Thadani and Govind admit anything by Siddhant’s fear, it will be believed true, we have everything at stake. Akhil comes and says someone wants to talk to you. Vikram says not now. Akhil says its someone from Pakistan. Imaan leaves with the team. Siddhant talks to Vikram and asks is the satellite link set. Vikram says yes, someone wants to talk to you. Siddhant says I don’t want to talk to anyone. Vikram says its Afreen. Siddhant gets back. Vikram connects the video call of Afreen.

Afreen greets Siddhant and cries. She tells him about his man’s death. Siddhant apologizes to her for giving her pain while leaving. He says I m close to my aim. She says don’t do this, its wrong motive. He says you don’t know anything. She says I m saying true. Hussain is alive. She shows Hussain on the video call. Siddhant gets shocked. Siddhant’s man present with him gets alert.

Siddhant cries seeing Hussain. Imaan proceeds via the AC duct. He gets cramps by stress attack and thinks of Sartaj. He sees the terrorists. Siddhant asks Lala? Afreen says Lala lied, he played a huge game, he did not think of family and his life, this mission is wrong, its foundation is wrong, India was not responsible for the tower attack, end this hatred here itself, don’t let them use you, stop yourself. Vikram looks on. Siddhant cries and says I came too far, I can’t wait not. Vikram says we will assure Afreen and Hussain’s safety, surrender Sid, choose the right path as Siddhant, you still have a chance. Siddhant cries.

Afreen says he is saying right, end this hatred here, we are in Indian embassy, Hussain is with me. Siddhant asks his man to release Thadani and Govind, we are surrendering. His man aims gun at him. Vikram gets shocked seeing this. The man says you showed you are Siddhant. Vikram sends his men to rescue Siddhant. He asks Imaan is it all clear and asks Akhil to try to contact Imaan. Vikram leaves for the floor. Imaan jumps down and stabs the terrorist. He shoots the other one. He tells Vikram its clear now.

The reporter says Siddhant agreed to surrender, but his men are firing. Siddhant asks his man to understand. They both fight. The armed forced blow the door and enter. Vikram and Imaan proceed with the team. They see Govind and Thadani tied up. Imaan and Vikram shoot up the terrorists. Siddhant’s man holds him captive, and threatens to kill Siddhant. He asks Vikram and Imaan to out guns down. Siddhant asks Vikram not to think. He says I don’t deserve this life, give me an Indian soldier’s life, Imaan our scores settled now, Jai has to leave, tell Shobha that humanity got costly. He shoots himself. Vikram shoots the man. Siddhant falls down. Vikram shuts Siddhant’s eyes.

Vikram cries thinking of Siddhant. Imaan looks on and thinks of Siddhant. Govind and Thadani leave.

Akhil asks what to mention in body’s records, soldier or terrorist. Siddhant’s body is covered. Vikram says terrorist. Imaan and Duggal get shocked and see Vikram. Vikram sees Siddhant taken away.


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sartaj is paid tribute. Harleen, Vikram, Imaan are given the honor by Govind Mehta. Vikram goes to attend some call.

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