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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update and POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 13th February 2017 Watch Online Episode on

The Episode starts with man informing Siddhant about Yusuf killing their men, Yusuf is coming towards hospital. Siddhant says tell doctors and nurses to stay in room, none will do firing, Yusuf has to meet me, he will come. The man says I will send some men here. Siddhant says no, ask them to stay downstairs. He hugs his man and asks him to take care of everyone. Siddhant goes to Lala and says I was fighting with my emotions. Lala laughs. He coughs. The man asks others to lock up the place, none should enter the hospital. Yusuf comes there with his men.

Yusuf asks the men to open the door and scares them. The man opens the lock. Yusuf and his men enter the hospital. Siddhant looks at Lala. Afreen sees Yusuf and his men coming and gets shocked. Yusuf goes to meet Lala. Afreen looks on.

She cries seeing Lala dead. Yusuf moves Lala. Lala has the taweez in hand. Yusuf sees the window open and shouts for Siddhant. Siddhant cleans himself and is on the way.

He calls up Vikram. He says Lala is dead, I killed him, all revenge got fulfilled. Vikram says sorry, I could not stop the flight. Siddhant says its fine, you tried, that’s enough for me. Vikram tells this to Sartaj and asks Rakesh to try. Siddhant says I can surrender or die a martyr. Vikram says you are coming back, we will try till the last minute. Siddhant says airport will be sealed. Vikram finds the beach and tells him the marine way. Siddhant says its 15 mins away. Vikram says reach there, switch off the phone. Yusuf gets the info and heads to find Siddhant.

Vikram tries helping out Siddhant by finding a way. He says Sid’s phone will be tapped, how to tell him exact location. Sartaj says there is a way. Sartaj passes message to Siddhant in morse code, just the way Siddhant taught him. Siddhant hears him and replies in morse code. Sartaj smiles. Vikram says they can track morse code. Sartaj says lets see.

The officer asks his men to crack the code. They find the info. The man calls Yusuf and asks him to shoot Siddhant. Afreen sits in hospital in shock. Imaan talks to Nazneen and says see you soon. He leaves for airport along Shaira and Ayaan. Reporters cover up the news about Nazneen’s return. Siddhant reaches the beach. Yusuf asks the men to check all the boats. Siddhant hides inside the boat.

He sees a marine boat coming and passes signal. Yusuf’s men look for him. Siddhant lands in the other boat and leaves. The men say Yusuf, we did not get him, he is not here. Yusuf says how can this happen, code was this one. He shoots the man angrily and shouts.
Vikram gets the call and tells everyone that Siddhant left, he is on boat. Sartaj smiles and congratulates Vikram. Vikram says why could they not crack the code. Sartaj says because there was hidden code inside. Vikram gets surprised and hugs Sartaj. Harleen and Sartaj smile. Nazneen meets Imaan and children at airport. She hugs them.

Duggal and Santosh go to receive Siddhant. They spot Siddhant. Duggal calls Govind and gives him the good news. He says Siddhant Thakur is here. Govind says good. Siddhant lands. He sees the indian flag. Duggal welcomes him. Everyone salute Siddhant. Siddhant salutes the flag.

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Govind says we are proud of you, the 17 years of prison could not break you. Yusuf and everyone cry for Lala’s death. Afreen cries. Siddhant meets Vikram. Vikram hugs him. Siddhant thanks Nazneen and Harleen. He sings Aave mere naal and hugs Imaan and Sartaj.

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