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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update and POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 18th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Sartaj getting tea. Nazneen jokes. Satpal goes to Veera. Sartaj gives tea to Siddhant. Siddhant says Harleen looks much pure. Sartaj smiles. He says Harleen has bear a lot, in my absence and presence, women are strong. Siddhant says I can understand, your captivity, filling wounds on return, accident, its not easy to bear problems. Sartaj looks at him.

Afreen plays the memory chip in laptop. She sees Lala’s video message. Sartaj asks accident? Siddhant says some accident happened on highway, Harleen told me. Lala says Afreen till you get this recording, maybe I won’t be alive, I knew you will get this message. Sartaj says its all because of Lala. Lala says there is one motive to give message, just you can know this truth. Sartaj says I used to hate Lala.

Lala says Siddhant will not kill me, he will just pull trigger, but I will kill myself. Sartaj says you did right to kill our enemy. Siddhant smiles. Lala coughs. Afreen cries. She sees Siddhant with Lala. Lala says I m fine, Siddhant is a true soldier of our group. Sartaj says you are true Indian soldier.

Lala says Siddhant will be called my murderer, but truth is he will become Siddhant again for our mission. Sartaj salutes Siddhant. Lala says Sadiq means loyal, he will keep his loyalty till his last breath. Sartaj hugs Siddhant. Lala says bye and shoots himself. Afreen cries.

Siddhant recalls Vikram’s words. He thinks of Afreen and Lala. FB shows Siddhant telling his plan to Lala. Lala says no one will doubt on you, you will become hero, Vikram will also not doubt on you, don’t think, start it. Siddhant cares for Lala. Lala says better than living in illness, its better to die for motive, start it, don’t think. Siddhant gets the recorder. Lala records the message for Afreen. Lala shoots himself. Siddhant gets back and falls. He looks at Lala. Siddhant puts the chip in his taweez and keeps the taweez in Lala’s hand. He runs away from the window, till Yusuf reaches there. FB ends.

Afreen cries and checks book. She gets Siddhant’s pic and hugs it. She apologizes to get annoyed with him. Siddhant apologizes to Afreen for coming too far, but the motive is bigger than our togetherness. He sees Afreen’s pic and gets sad. Satpal asks Siddhant to come for dinner. Siddhant sees Shaira and says I did not know you are sitting here. She says it was my boyfriend’s call, so…. He smiles.

Afreen shuts laptop seeing her mum. Her mum gets food and asks do you still love Siddhant, do you think he did not kill your dad, fine his love or my love, you choose what you want. She goes.

Harleen and Shaira on the way. Shaira sees a place and asks what’s that. Harleen says its not a house, its a cottage, any farmer can stay there in winter, its vacant now. Shaira says wait, I will just come. Harleen asks where are you going. Shaira checks the place. She calls lawyer and says I got a place for Avi.

Siddhant greets everyone. He asks Sartaj for tea. Vikram has a hangover. He asks them for some lemon water. Shobha says it won’t affect you. Siddhant says dinner did not settle till now, I don’t want breakfast. Imaan asks did you forget. Siddhant asks what. Sartaj says I think Siddhant forgot, hot aloo parathas…..with butter, pickles, butter milk…. The old moment is shown.

Shobha says who refuses to homemade food. She feeds Siddhant. Sartaj asks where is Harleen. Harleen and Shaira come home. Nazneen asks where did you go Shaira, don’t trouble Harleen. Harleen says she did not trouble me. Shaira says we got jalebi. Sartaj asks Siddhant to have sweets. He feeds jalebi to Siddhant. Siddhant thinks of Afreen. Sartaj makes Siddhant wash hands. He finds Siddhant’s behavior weird. Imaan asks Siddhant to save his number. He asks Nazneen to come. Sartaj looks at Siddhant. Imaan asks what happened. Sartaj says nothing, Siddhant told about Harleen’s accident at night, how did he know this, he was not here. Imaan says maybe someone told him, don’t think. Sartaj says I was not thinking, the way he was washing hands now, he is Thakur, hindu, his way of washing hands was strange. Imaan says we can’t forget that he has bear a lot there, maybe he was forced to change religion, but doubting on him, no way, he killed Lala and came here. Afreen checks Lala’s video again. A man comes and says Yusuf asked for all laptops to give engineer. She refuses. Yusuf says just my command will be obeyed Afreen. The man takes her laptop. Afreen thinks of Lala’s words.


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Govind asks Duggal whom do you want to see in your place. Yusuf says I will fulfill the mission. Sartaj asks Harleen did you tell anyone about accident. Harleen says no. Sartaj asks Imaan did you tell anyone about accident matter. Imaan says I don’t remember, so much happened. Siddhant offers Namaz.

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