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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Siddhant showing his security plan to Thadanis. Thadani says Govind will come with us. Siddhant says I know, but Rishi and Om will go separately, my priority is they will reach safely. Duggal comes and says I heard tomorrow’s security planning is going on, you could have called me Siddhant, after all I m security advisor. Siddhant says sure. Duggal calls Vikram and says Siddhant is giving special cover to Rishi and Om. Vikram says you mean Rishi and Om would be targets. Duggal asks target for what, what will Siddhant want from them. Vikram says stay alert.

Shobha talks to Rohan and explains maths. Vikram comes home. Shobha says Vikram will solve maths, I have work. Vikram says you know Siddhant is maths genius, you should learn from him. Rohan says never. Vikram asks why. Rohan says I gave him family drawing, you know what he did, he said a bad story, where devils shoots kids. Vikram feels odd.

Siddhant puts other sim in his phone and calls Afreen. He says I don’t have much time, did you get visa. She says we will leave in one or two days. He asks her to take care, time has come to take revenge of Hussain. He ends the call. The man informs Santosh that Siddhant’s number was switched off for a min. Santosh says maybe battery went dead or sim change, find out.

Vikram asks which story did Siddhant tell you. Rohan shows the drawings. Rohan tells the story and shows the story in drawings to Vikram. Vikram gets shocked. Vikram searches on net. He finds out about Lala’s son Hussain’s death. Siddhant opens a laptop. He also checks Hussain’s news and recalls his words.

Vikram says what’s connection of Siddhant with Hussain. Siddhant gets sad and shuts laptop. Vikram gets Santosh’s call. Santosh says someone has searched about Hussain and Lala from Om’s laptop. Vikram says be alert Santosh, something is wrong. Vikram rushes to Shobha. He gets ready and says I got a meeting. She asks will you come on dinner. He smiles. She says see you. He leaves. She arranges Siddhant’s room. She keeps his clothes in cupboard. She gets a pic and smiles. Sartaj and everyone see the news.

Siddhant switches off the news. He sends guards at their positions. Imaan recalls the tortures. He thinks of Siddhant. Nazneen comes to Imaan and finds him worried. She gives him medicines. She says you are a human, don’t try to become Lord. He says its nothing like that. She says you want to involve in our problems and do not let us get involve in your problems, I will leave you to your state, you leave us to ours, live your life, go, we both lost Salim, we both are alone, you want to take away all our problems, but you don’t tell us your problems, you need company, just let us in.

She gets a call from Satpal. She looks at Imaan. They rush to hospital. Sartaj asks doctor to check Harleen fast. Doctor checks Harleen. Sartaj asks what happened to her. Doctor asks him to go out. Sartaj says Harleen I m outside. She holds his hand. He asks what happened. She cries.

Siddhant tells entire security plans. Govind says congrats, I m glad. Thadani thanks Govind for recommending Siddhant. Govind says he deserves it. Siddhant asks them to enjoy dinner, tomorrow a new day, a new start. Vikram, Duggal and Akhil check the photos and think what’s the connection between Siddhant and Hussain. Duggal says Siddhant told Rohan about the story, are you sure it was that school attack story. Vikram says Siddhant was with Lala that time, he would have link with Lala and Hussain, but what relation does he have, if Rishi and Om are his targets, then why?

Duggal finds out and says media claimed that the school attack terror group got weapons funded by Thadanis. Vikram says rubbish. Duggal says if media has no news, they make rubbish news, look at this. Vikram checks the news. He says if we make a story by this clue, its possibility… Akhil says revenge, but why will Sid take revenge from us. Vikram says if Sid has close equation with Lala and his son, Hussain’s death, Siddhant knowing Thadani is responsible, return to India as hero, target hero, to take revenge, eye for an eye, Thadani killed kids, now Thadani will lose his sons. Duggal says that’s the case. Vikram says correct, Siddhant, Lala, Hussain, what’s the connection.

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Doctor says Harleen is not fine. Sartaj worries. Shobha says I think there is someone in Siddhant’s life, I got this when I cleaned his cupboard. Vikram gets shocked seeing Afreen’s pic, and asks Shobha to pack her bags. He wakes up Rohan. She asks what is it, tell me. Vikram asks her to shut her phone till tomorrow. Veera tells Sartaj that something good will happen. Vikram asks Imaan to keep his phone on, he maybe needed.

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