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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update and POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 22nd February 2017 Video Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Santosh raiding a mill and catching some man. He calls Shaira and says info was right, we caught the truck driver. She cries and thanks him. He says thanks to you, you did not say how did you get info. She asks are you investigation. He says no. She asks will it be fine if I don’t say. He says fine. I promise your name will not be mentioned. She recalls Avi telling her about the truck driver. Nazneen gets a call from NSA. The man tells her about truck driver’s arrest, he was involved in Salim’s accident. She thanks him. Shaira looks on. Nazneen cries and thinks of Salim.

Vikram tells Siddhant to come along, I have meeting. Siddhant says Imaan called and said Sartaj may also come. Vikram says call then at NSA, I got clothes for you, come. Siddhant agrees.

Sartaj and Imaan are on the way. He asks her to wear seat belt. She calls him kid. He says I m worried for you. She says its kiddishness to worry for little things. He says fine, I won’t worry. She laughs and says you are being childish again, it was a joke, don’t get annoyed. He says what shall I do, you won’t understand you are valuable to me than my own life, I can’t bear if you get a scratch. She asks him to prepare to divide the love, baby should be fine. He says nothing will happen to both of you. She says I wish to say something. He says say. She says I love you. He smiles.

She says I want a reply. He says I love you too. She sees Shaira and says I felt its….nothing. Imaan and Nazneen are at hospital. He says that man will be interrogated. She asks will he get punished. He says yes. Sartaj and Harleen come and greet them. Nazneen takes Harleen for checkup. Doctor tells Harleen about the basic tests, there is one more test, to know if it could be twins. Nazneen says good luck and laughs.

Sartaj worries. Imaan says it takes time. He smiles. Sartaj asks what happened. Nazneen says congrats, its a girl. They laugh. Nazneen says tests happened, you have to come here for tests regularly. Imaan says even they have petrol pump now, go home, I m going NSA with Sartaj.

Vikram tells Duggal that Siddhant is waiting for Imaan and Sartaj. Duggal asks how is he doing. Vikram says surprisingly well, he is mentally strong. Siddhant sees Govind’s name and recalls the event. He thinks of Lala and Afreen. Imaan and Sartaj come to him. Imaan asks how did you like NSA compound. Siddhant says quite nice. Sartaj says it would have not been nice, this place would have not got saved 2 months before. Duggal says you saved NSA, you rescued our POW, you have done a lot. Vikram asks why this speech. Duggal laughs and says its buildup before I come to the point. Vikram asks what’s the point. Duggal calls for Akhil.

Sartaj says Lala has attacked our families and made us plant bomb here, we got saved from cheating our country, we told truth to Vikram. Imaan signs Sartaj to stop. Sartaj says you know who changed the bomb plant. Siddhant asks who. Imaan says Vikram Singh. Duggal says as per protocol, I want to recommend Vikram Singh as NSA head. Duggal says you are big expert in national security. Vikram says I m happy as school faculty. Duggal says country before self, the country needs you.

Nazneen asks Harleen what will you have. Harleen says tea. Nazneen says you should have juice at this time. Harleen agrees. Nazneen says stop having tea, take care of health. She gets juice for her. She checks bills. She says Shaira is out of control, her shopping expenses is more than this house expenses. Harleen asks really. Nazneen calls Ayaan and asks about 50000rs withdrawal from Shaira’s account. He says I don’t know, ask her. She says call her. He says I called, her phone is switched off. Nazneen asks where did she go. Harleen says I have seen Shaira going towards Kishangunj. Nazneen says why will she go there. She calls Shaira and says her phone is always off.

Shaira makes a drink for Avi. She adds something in the drink. She gives him the glass and says this is to thank you. Avi drinks it. He thanks her. She says I know this is your fav drink, so I got more three bottles. Avni starts getting unwell. She asks what happened. He gets dizzy and faints.


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Yusuf calls Afreen to say a reason. Afreen cries. Nazneen says why did she go to Kishangunj. Shaira ties up Avi. Avi get shocked seeing her.

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