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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with indian soldiers seeing some movement at LOC. They see some traitors getting a body to dump. The soldiers shoot at those men. They go and check the barrel. They find a dead body. They see a taweez in his hand. The man informs Siddhant that he did the work. Siddhant says fine, we will talk later. Afreen asks what work at night. Siddhant makes excuse. He thinks of Lala’s words.

Satpal asks Sartaj why is he upset. Sartaj asks what shall I do. Arjun says you both are old model, times changed. Sartaj calls him superhero and asks him to do experiment on him. Arjun says I have super duper hit formula, none knows Harleen better than me, she likes Ranbir Kapoor’s romantic movie, its her fav, she has seen it 5 times. Sartaj smiles. Arjun jokes. Sartaj asks what shall I do.

They do the arrangement. Arjun asks Satpal and Sartaj to help the men. Bau ji asks who are they, what’s happening, tell me. Arjun tells about Ranbir’s movie. Sartaj asks Arjun will his idea work. Arjun says Ranbir’s words and asks Sartaj not to stop. They laugh.

Imaan talks at NGO and says after returning home, I got to know what my family faced for 17 years, I discover their struggles even today, its been 3 months now, I don’t know their story, as I was in prison fr 17 years, I can just share the story of that side, like you think of us, we also have families in heart, trust me, when hope gets less, when years pass, our worry for family gets high, we really wish that our family moves on, like you bravely wait for us, same way we wish for family happiness that your life does not stop. A lady gets upset. She says nice, I have a question, whose idea was this to insult on support group name, you easily said move on, now you came back, did your wife move on, did your family move on, who made this term, move on…. She leaves.

Other lady says her phone is left. Imaan goes after her and gives her phone. He says sorry, I can understand its tough. She says no, everyone has different power to bear pain. He says I was sharing my experience. She says I was sharing mine. She takes him to her mum. She introduces Imaan. She tells her mum what Imaan said. Her mum is in shock.

The lady says my mum always asks this, how do I tell her to move on, my dad was Indian spy, he got caught, some fishermen said he died in the prison, whom to believe, insurance company wants death certificate, then we will get money, its 30 years, tell me, how do I move on. She cries and leaves with her mum.

Harleen and Veera come home. Sartaj and Satpal sit playing carom. Veera says something is cooking. Veera asks Arjun and Satpal. They make excuse. She says I will find out. Arjun tells Veera about movie plan. She likes the idea. She gives him chocolate. She hugs Arjun. Sartaj says I m ready.

Imaan comes to Shobha. She tells about her prescribed medicines for depression. She gives him doctor number and asks him to meet if he wants. She asks how was the session. Imaan says difficult, I may.. She says I will not let you leave this job. He says its tough. She says when did I do easy job, you were fighter pilot, call doctor, but don’t lose job.

Harleen asks why did you lock me in room Satpal. Satpal says we thought something. Sartaj asks Harleen to come with her. She asks where. He shows her movie on projector and says 6th time. She asks with everyone. Bau ji asks Harleen to come, I called people from pind also. They all see the movie.

Sartaj sees Harleen sad and asks when will Ranbir come. Arjun says he will come now. Sartaj sees the crowd spoiling the fun. Shobha comes home and greets Vikram and Rohan. Rohan asks her to give them family time. Vikram says I have to go back tomorrow. Rohan says but listen… Vikram says you won’t fake football injury again. Shobha laughs. They hear police siren. Vikram opens the door to check. He sees Govind Mehta. Siddhant works. Afreen asks shall I make sweater for you. She asks where did your taweez go. He recalls putting it on the dead body. He looks at her.

Lala says you won council trust, you have to do mission. Govind tells Vikram about Lala choosing the new head. Duggal shows taweez to Vikram. Vikram says why do I feel new story is beginning again.

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