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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on 

The Episode starts with Siddhant meeting Duggal, Thadani, Shukla and others. Siddhant says I want to come to point Thadani’s time is imp, I want to see all security checks. Shukla says we can’t share security details. Duggal asks are you doubting us. Shukla says we can’t trust anyone. Thadani and his family did not have any threat. Siddhant says this is overconfidence. Shukla says there has to be some mistake for sinking the ship, show some mistake in our security, then you will be given whatever details you ask. Siddhant agrees.

Imaan comes home. Vikram calls him and asks can we talk. Imaan says if its about morning, I m not doubting Siddhant. Vikram says but there was doubt, reason…. Imaan says first Sartaj had the doubt. Siddhant reaches Thadani’s hotel and asks the men to seal the place. Imaan says I met him at Dargah and felt strange answers, then today you know what happened. Vikram says it can be aggressive defence. Imaan says I can’t do anything, its just doubt. Vikram says I can doubt.

Duggal shows Siddhant to the guards, he is inside the building, while guards are outside. Siddhant catches a man and recalls his plan how he has planted those people in Thadani’s place. Shukla asks what nonsense is this, they are hotel employees, their background is checked. He asks the real name and shoots a man. The man tells his real name. Siddhant says what to do, I have much info. Duggal smiles and says you said one mistake, Siddhant got three, you handover all files tomorrow, thanks. He leaves with Siddhant.

Vikram says Imaan and Sartaj gave some info, its a lead, its national security issue, so I m activating your team. Santosh asks target. Vikram says Siddhant, veteran national hero, he is security head of Thadani industries, he proved his credentials, even Imaan and Sartaj did, we are intelligence officers, we deal in info, not emotions, follow Siddhant, phone taps, emails, online activity, I want all info till tomorrow. Santosh leaves.

Vikram says if we don’t get evidence, you will not make Siddhant’s life tough, if we get evidence against Siddhant. Maybe we need two of you. Imaan and Sartaj nod.

Siddhant’s man comes to Afreen and says its bad news, three agents working for Siddhant got caught. Afreen sees the news. Duggal says Siddhant has done this operation and caught them. Afreen says its good news, his mission succeeded, Siddhant went close to Thadani. He asks how will he do this alone.

Siddhant gets all files. Duggal says now you have responsibility of Thadani and his sons. He goes. Siddhant says war is on. Someone comes to Siddhant’s name. Siddhant asks what do you want. The man says I got a message for you. Siddhant’s man asks him to leave it there. He asks Afreen to stay inside. He checks the bag. He gets CDs. Afreen says he has sent it for me, can you play this Cd.

Santosh says we did not get any international call made, see this online activity, Siddhant has passed just security related info. Vikram says check other possibilities Santosh, whom he meets, what he does, what we did with Imaan and Sartaj, they should not feel I m supporting Siddhant for personal relations, I asked someone else for info. Duggal and Akhil come and see Imaan and Sartaj with Vikram.

Siddhant talks to Thadani. His sons walk in. Siddhant sees them and smiles. Thadani introduces Siddhant and says he wants to talk to you for cricket league auction. Siddhant says you guys are the target. Rishi asks Thadani to postpone event, for security concern. Siddhant says its threat for you.

Duggal asks have you lost it Vikram, you are asking to keep an eye on Siddhant on their saying, how can you doubt on Siddhant. Vikram says there are some questions, I m finding answers, even you had doubts, Imaan said in favor of Siddhant, we better find answers before it gets late. Duggal asks what do you want me to do.

Siddhant’s man gets a laptop from shop, and goes to Afreen. He plays the Cd. She hears Siddhant’s message. Siddhant says I m reaching near office, you both should be safe, you can come here soon, don’t get scared, we both are not alone, take care. Siddhant’s group meet and share the message. They all offer Namaz. Siddhant offers Namaz/prayers.


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Siddhant says I have to ensure Rishi and Om’s safety. Vikram asks Rohan what story did Sid tell you. Vikram finds about Siddhant, Lala and Hussain/little boy. Sartaj takes Harleen to doctor and asks him to check what happened to her.

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