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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Govind saying we got info that Lala is unwell and choosing a new head, you become National Security Advisor. Vikram asks does Duggal know this. Govind says Duggal did good work, I want you to manage this. Shobha takes Rohan. Vikram says I don’t want this, I want a simple life. Govind asks do you expect simple life, I know you want to spend time with family, your family needs you, but country is above everything. He goes.

At Mendhar Sector, doctor tells army officer about the dead man. They get to know the man was a spy. Army officer says why will they send body this way. He checks Taweez and asks what’s this. The man says its Taweez which ordinary people wear this. Officer asks are you sure. The man says not sure, we got two Taweez, one was in his beck and other was in his hand, the small holes in taweez is in code, it can be telegram code or morse code. Officer says if its not the man’s taweez, how did he gave this.

Siddhant goes to Lala. Afreen asks Lala to take care. She says no need to go out, we can open windows if you want fresh air. Lala does not listen and asks Siddhant to come. Siddhant asks Afreen not to worry, he will manage. She says fine, you all do as you wish. He smiles and goes. He takes Lala. Lala says Afreen can run the group better than you and Yusuf, time is passing, you have won council trust, you have to start mission Badshah and prove yourself, even Yusuf would be doing something. Siddhant sees the sky and says plan started.

Duggal gets a letter and talks to his man. He gets the taweez. Imaan meets insurance company head and gives papers of POW case family. The man says everyone will go by the book, compensation can be got after death proof. Imaan says there is no proof that Sharma is alive. The man says there is no death certificate. Imaan says there is signed declaration of a man who has seen Sharma dying in the prison, its tough to go by the book, just the one who goes through can understand.

Harleen says we called everyone in petrol pump inauguration. Veera says we did not call Imaan and Nazneen. Harleen says I got stupid. Veera says make things easy for Sartaj, he does not know anything, tell him how should he impress you. Harleen says I m already impressed, he has to do it, I will give the easy idea. She gives invitation card for Imaan and asks Sartaj to give it to Imaan. Veera tells Sartaj what Harleen said. Sartaj says its not easy.

Imaan is at NGO. He gives his project details, and says 51 families should get compensation, maybe we can make affidavits. Shobha says go ahead, its your project, tell me if you need help. He says man power. She says difficult, we need someone who is really passionate. The lady Aparna comes and greets them. She gives sweets and says something good happened in 30 years and thanks Imaan for the favor. Imaan says there is a way to return favor, man power. Shobha smiles.

Nazneen says I will not go Karachi. Payal says I knew this, its big opportunity, its prestigious event. Nazneen says I did not take any decision that compromises or hurts family, Imaan was tortured there, I won’t go. Payal says its private publisher. Nazneen says they don’t want Nazneen Khan, they want Imaan Khan’s wife, they are opportunist. Payal and Shaira tease her. Nazneen asks them to behave well.

Imaan sees Sartaj coming his home at night. He asks what are you doing, why did you hide like thief. Sartaj says I was thinking to come or not, Nazneen scolded me last time.

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