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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Siddhant going to Yusuf. He sees his pics and posters. Yusuf says everyone likes you, we can make announcement about new leader. Siddhant asks does your phone has camera. Afreen says I have. Siddhant says click my pic and give it to Yusuf, as this pic is not clear, make announcement right way. Afreen clicks pic and sends to Yusuf. Yusuf goes. She smiles.

Shobha talks to Vikram about Rohan. Vikram gets Siddhant’s pic and thinks I will tell you everything after getting Siddhant back, I promised, I will fulfill it. She says Vikram, I will prepare guest room, spend time with Rohan. He agrees. Sartaj surprises Harleen by making her meet her Bebe. Harleen hugs Bebe. Sartaj greets Bebe. Bebe welcomes them and introduces Sartaj to relatives. They all have a good time.

Harleen and Sartaj rest to sleep and have a talk. He says I m thinking to sleep or not, I want to see your face all the time, till I die. She says don’t say this. She holds his hand. Imaan sits thinking of Vikram’s words. Sartaj calls him and says I came to Harleen’s mum, I m going Manali from here, for honeymoon with Harleen. Imaan says I thought you are going alone. Sartaj laughs. Imaan says I m glad hearing this. Sartaj says I had to thank you, you have shown me the way always, thanks, I told thanks to Siddhant before leaving home, Shobha’s words came in my mind, I wish Siddhant was here with us. Imaan says yes, don’t worry, enjoy your honeymoon, take care of Harleen, good night. He ends call.

Shaira comes and says I got dinner for us. Imaan thinks of Siddhant. Shaira talks to him about Nazneen. She says I know your pain, I thought of it. Imaan says no more discussion, I m not trying to control Nazneen’s life, but not Karachi. She asks why are you not seeing it and rejecting it. He says she can go to any other location. She says mom is getting good status there. He asks her to get real, even if Nazneen says yes, I will not let her go, do you trust me. She says 100%. He thanks her.

Yusuf pays a man and asks for info about Siddhant. The man goes. He says now there will be a blast. The news reporter tells about Nazneen, she is POW’s Imaan’s wife. The man says she is ex wife. Nazneen gets ready for interview. Payal tells her what to say about sales shares. Shaira tells the makeup artist to lessen the gloss. Nazneen asks Payal to talk to producers, I don’t want any question about Karachi Lit Fest. Payal says fine.

Vikram calls Imaan and says we have to meet. Imaan says I have to go for support group work, you can call me anytime. He asks is there any plan to get Siddhant back. Vikram says not yet, I m going to meet Duggal. He tells Rohan not to watch tv during homework. He takes remote to switch off tv and sees Nazneen’s interview. He asks Imaan to check news. Imaan also checks.

The reporter praises Nazneen’s book. Sartaj and Harleen also see the news. Nazneen says every POW’s wife is an inspiration, not just we, I think all women of Indian are commendable. He asks do you want to dedicate this book to your ex husband. Nazneen asks not just Imaan, to my mum in law, children and Salim. Reporter says the book can become a bestseller, congrats Nazneen, just tell our audience, when are you going in Lit fest, its in Karachi, many famous writers are coming there, it can be good for your book, your ex husband was tortured there for 17 years. She says I m not going Karachi. He says its your career and personal choice, I personally admire you, thing is you are going there, this news is not wrong. She gets shocked.

He says as we speak, your passport got visa approval in Pakistan embassy, its copy is available at Lit Fest website, you can check there at the website. Nazneen gets shocked. Sartaj says how can Nazneen agree to go there. The man asks is that your passport, is that you. Nazneen says I m not going there, I refused to that organizers, I think this passport thing is a misunderstanding. He says I m sure, its your personal decision.

The man comes to Duggal and says RAW chief said there is no proper plan to get Siddhant back, meeting is fixed. Duggal says cancel the meeting, I have an idea, call Vikram.

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
The army officer says we can drop officers out of LOC by airforce help. Duggal says I have an idea Vikram. Lala says council is happy, they liked the plan. The man says I will call you. Yusuf says none can help Siddhant.

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