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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Imaan asking where is Sartaj. Satpal says he is there, much worried. Imaan goes to Sartaj and hugs. Satpal tells Nazneen that doctor did not say till now. Doctor tells Sartaj about doing more tests, Harleen is not fine, bleeding was much, we can’t say anything about baby. Sartaj cries. Nazneen says have courage, everything will get fine. Imaan sees Harleen in ward, and thinks of Salim. He gets worried. Nazneen observes Imaan’s anxiety and asks are you fine. He says yes, I will talk to Sartaj.

Vikram comes home and asks Santosh to always keep an eye on Siddhant. Shobha greets him and says we can go for cricket match, I think Sid is hiding something from us. Vikram asks what. She says he won’t tell me, you talk to him, man to man, I think there is someone in his life, I got this pic while cleaning cupboard, this girl. Vikram sees pic and gets shocked. She asks what happened. He checks on net and gets to know Afreen is Lala’s daughter. He asks where is Rohan, get his back Shobha, where did you get this pic. She says here… He says keep it exactly back, what changed in room. She asks what happened, tell me. He says I can’t, trust me, Shobha don’t call anyone, keep phone off, I will call you. She asks what about Sid. He says I will manage him, go. He sends her and Rohan off in car.

Some men get the guns. The man says we will get Siddhant’s message in some time. Siddhant says I would like to meet the team. He gets an envelop. He gets visitor passes. They see the news of the cricket auction held tomorrow. Sartaj asks Satpal and Veera to go home. Satpal says we will stay here. Nazneen says we are here, we will not leave Harleen and Sartaj, go. Veera says everyone’s good is happen in Lord’s wish, see something good is left to happen in all this. Vikram calls Imaan and asks did Lata get any family member to jail. Imaan says he mentioned about his son Hussain once. Vikram asks did Siddhant say about Hussain or Afreen. Imaan says no, why. Vikram says keep phone on, it maybe needed. Imaan tells this to Nazneen.

Siddhant comes home. Vikram greets him and serves drink, asking him to join. Sid asks about Shobha and Rohan. Vikram says Rohan’s excursion, they went for two days. Sid says she did not say, strange. Vikram says we stay busy, where do we get time to talk, Shobha was asking me to talk to you. Sid asks about. Vikram says marriage…. Sid smiles and says I did think, once this event completes, we will discuss. Siddhant drinks. Vikram says I thought you will say you are married to your uniform, India above all for soldiers, right. Siddhant says wrong, humanity, my ideology shifted, I have to start early tomorrow morning, good night. Vikram says good night. Siddhant goes to his room.

Siddhant checks the room messy state. He gets his book upside down and rushes to check cupboard. He finds Afreen’s pic. He gets worried. Afreen gets her passport and ticket. The man says I arranged accommodation for you, Siddhant did favor on me, you should leave now, there is danger. Siddhant’s man gets shot. Afreen sees council head and worries. He says you would be thinking how I got news about you. Siddhant’s man was followed by them. The man says don’t do anything, else we have to shoot you, this is just start, you can see many more deaths, come. They catch Afreen and take her.

Siddhant changes his sim and sends message. A man gets his message. Vikram gets a call. Santosh says Siddhant has sent a message by different sim. Vikram asks what was the message. Santosh says we are trying to decode the encrypted message, we found out the receiver. Vikram asks him to arrange a team, call Duggal. He goes to Siddhant’s room and does not find him. He rushes to inspector and asks about Siddhant. Inspector says he just left. Vikram asks him to get car.

Harleen gets conscious and sees Sartaj. She asks about baby. He says doctor said you will get fine soon, and baby too, don’t worry. She cries. She says I m scared for us, I feel like we got happiness late. He gets sad. She says I don’t want to die. He says nothing will happen to you and our child, this is my promise, have courage. He hugs her.

Sartaj goes to Imaan and says I promised I will make everything fine. Vikram calls Imaan. Vikram says I need to meet you at NSA. Imaan says sure, all okay. Vikram says Sid, your doubt was right. Imaan gets shocked. Sartaj asks what happened. Imaan says Vikram called, he said ……maybe he got evidence against Siddhant. I will go, Nazneen went home to get food, explain her. Imaan stops and blesses Sartaj. He leaves. Afreen is brought to Yusuf. She gets shocked seeing his burnt face.


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Nazneen tells Sartaj that Imaan has PTSD. Shobha asks Vikram what’s happen. Vikram says its security threat. He asks Imaan are you sure you did not see them with Lala. Yusuf says you have Siddhant’s baby in your womb Afreen. Siddhant prepares his men. Siddhant takes Rishi and Om and says extraordinary is going to begin. Vikram raids to catch Siddhant’s man. Police follows Siddhant. Power goes in hospital.

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