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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Nazneen asking what work does Imaan has now. Sartaj says Vikram called him and Imaan left. She says he forgot medicines, he takes stress, he has PTSD, its important for him to take medicines. Sartaj worries. Akhil says Duggal and Imaan have come. Vikram calls Shobha. He asks how is Rohan. She asks what’s happening. He says its security threat. She asks to me and Rohan. He says all indians. She asks is Sid fine, he suffered a lot, please keep him out of trouble. Vikram says sure, take care.

Sartaj sits by Harleen’s side. Nazneen sees Harleen and thinks of Salim. She cries. She calls Imaan. Imaan feels stressed. He disconnects the call. Vikram asks are you Imaan, you did not see them with Lala, did Siddhant not mention. Imaan says no. Vikram says Hussain and Afreen are Lala’s children, Hussain got killed in tower attack, Siddhant wants to take revenge about Hussain. Imaan asks from whose. Duggal says from Thadani, he feels Thadani funded that attack. They discuss the details. Vikram says we have to trace Siddhant’s man, its only way to find Siddhant’s motives, so that Siddhant does not know, we have to leave now, you find out Rishi and Om’s route. Imaan asks can I do anything. Vikram says I can’t take off duty officer on mission. Imaan asks what do I have to do to become on duty. Vikram looks at him and asks him to come. Vikram and Imaan leave.

Duggal checks mails. Yusuf gets a knife and catches Afreen. He says Siddhant went, he will not return, you have his child in your womb, shall I kill him. The man stops Yusuf. Afreen says Siddhant is Sadeq, mission Badshah started, wait till tomorrow morning and see, I m not lying. The man says fine, I can wait, it mission does not start, you can know what I can do with you and your child. Yusuf screams.

Siddhant sees time and sends a mail. His man gets the mail. Siddhant changes sim. The man gives locations to the group and asks them not to get late. He asks them to put some bombs in bags, it maybe needed. Nazneen calls Imaan. He does not answer.

The men prepare to leave. Siddhant and his group offer Namaz. Siddhant recalls Afreen and Hussian. A guy feels weak and says I m ready. The man says I will give a medicine for him. He asks other man to kill that guy, as he is threat for their mission.

Vikram and Imaan keep an eye on that area. A milkman delivers milk and tells Vikram that the Ibrahim Sheikh is not at home, and his wife packed the bags. Vikram and the team raid the house and asks for Ibrahim Sheikh. The lady says he is not here. The little girl says he is upstairs. Vikram and team proceed upstairs. They do not find anyone and just find that weak guy, who cut killed. Vikram tries to know about the group, but that guy loses breath. Vikram and team leave.

Siddhant is at Thadani Corps. Thadani’s wife does tilak to Rishi and Om, and says Thadani is with Govind, he will join you at the venue. Rishi and Om leave with Siddhant. Siddhant says you will go in same car. Rishi says this is extraordinary. Siddhant says this is just the beginning, extraordinary did not begin.

The man asks Yusuf what’s the use now, you got face burnt while competing with Sadeq, they are waiting till morning, if Siddhant does something, Afreen will be released. Yusuf says I will not let this happen, Siddhant gave me deep wounds, he will regret all his life.

Afreen is given food. The man asks her to have food and pray, else problems can increase for her. Vikram says I got route from Duggal, Siddhant will leave in convoy with Rishi and Om, we have to stop him on that way. Vikram follows the convoy and gets his car in front. All the cars stop. Vikram finds Rishi and Om in a car, with all security. Vikram and Imaan get shocked. Vikram says where is Sid.

Siddhant and his men enter Thadani Corp. Thadani is with Govind and other men. Siddhant’s man shoots someone. Siddhant says I said no firing. He shoots at the landline. Govind and Thadani get shocked seeing him. Siddhant says operation badshah…….


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :The hospital is attacked by terrorists. The man says congrats, Sadiq did a big thing. Sartaj shouts and tries reacting Harleen. Harleen cries. The men identify POW. Siddhant calls Vikram and says ask your team to set video communcation link.

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