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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Siddhant offering prayers with other men. Yusuf comes there and aims gun at Siddhant. They both get into a fight. Yusuf says you did the blast, you knew I was going to meet that man, you tried to kill me. Siddhant says I would have killed you in front of everyone if I wanted. They fight. Afreen looks on. She calls out Siddhant as Sadeq. Siddhant does not turn and recalls the tortures. She then calls him Siddhant. He turns to her.

Sartaj and Harleen are at cafe. They see news of Nazneen going to Lit Fest. Harleen says I thought its rumor, why will she go there. He says even Imaan said its misunderstanding. She says it will be misunderstanding if Imaan said. Sartaj goes to car. Harleen says we will spend holidays with Nazneen. She feels cold He covers her with sweater. They leave. Yusuf tells Lala that the man got all imp info, but Siddhant did not wish this to happen, he attacked on me, I got saved, but info got destroyed. Siddhant says wrong, I don’t need to kill Yusuf by doing this blast, I can kill him easily. Yusuf says you did the blast. Lala asks Yusuf do you have any proof, or just blaming like always. Yusuf says I was helping you, he did not like it, why is he taking much time to gather info, he will not do this mission, ask him. Siddhant says there is difference in info and junk, info is one that’s useful.

Duggal says Nazneen refused to go. Vikram says I tried, she will not change decision. Govind says you also said this when I came to you with proposal to join NSA, you refused, today you are working with us, maybe you did not try your best, Nazneen is our only chance. He goes. Duggal looks at Vikram.

Vikram comes home. Shobha asks why is he looking confused. He says I m in confusion. She asks can I help, try it. He says fine and makes her hold knife over his hand. He says to save this hand, I have to put other hand in risk. She says its tough, but if you take risk, maybe both hands can get saved, else one hand will definitely get hurt.

Nazneen gets Vikram’s call. Vikram comes to meet her. He says sorry to come at this night. She says I knew you won’t lose so easily, but my decision is final. He says I had to say something about Salim’s accident.

Lala coughs. Afreen asks someone to call doctor. Doctor checks Lala and asks him to get admitted in hospital. Lala refuses. Afreen asks Lala not to go out from now. Siddhant and Yusuf look on. Doctor asks them to explain Lala and goes.

Nazneen asks what do you have to say. Ayaan comes and asks all okay. Nazneen asks him not to worry, go and sleep. Ayaan goes. Nazneen says I hope its not some plan to trap me. He shows Salim’s accident spot pics. He says I m giving you a chance and reason. She cries and asks what’s all this, move this away.

She says I know it was hit and run case. He says it was a murder, Salim was killed to threaten Imaan, to scare Imaan, you and your children were also in their sight, Imaan was getting calls that if he does not listen to Lala, you all will face same thing as Salim, today Siddhant is with Lala, its a chance to make Lala lose, reason is Salim, like I said, your security is our work, if you call till sunrise, I will take it as a yes, else a no. He leaves. She cries. Siddhant is shown. Imaan smokes and worries.

Sartaj and Harleen are on the way. Sartaj calls Imaan. He asks where are you now. Imaan says I m at mum’s house and going to Nazneen’s house now. Sartaj says we were passing by and thought to give sweets. Imaan says you were going Manali. Sartaj says its very cold, Harleen decided we will go later, we will meet you at Nazneen’s house.

Imaan calls Nazneen and reaches voicemail. He calls Shaira. He asks where is Nazneen. She says she does not sleep early, I m going to do facial, call on her phone. Imaan says make me talk to her, tell Nazneen that Sartaj and Harleen are coming home, ask her not to tell them about Siddhant. She understands.

Yusuf asks Lala to go hospital. Lala refuses. Siddhant says Yusuf is right. Afreen says they both have same opinion on this. Lala says no way. Siddhant asks where do you want to go. Lala says it will be as per my wish. Imaan comes home.

He asks Shaira did anyone talk about Siddhant. Shaira says no, who’s Siddhant. Imaan hugs Sartaj. Sartaj says we heard about Nazneen. Harleen says we were worried. Imaan asks Shaira to call Nazneen. Shaira says she is not at home. Imaan says her car is out, call Payal. Ayaan calls Payal and asks about Nazneen, is there any event. Ayaan says Payal does not know, but Vikram came yesterday to talk. Imaan says I will call her. He calls Nazneen and asks where are you. She says I m going for some work. He asks where. She is in flight and says Karachi….. Imaan asks Karachi….. Everyone get shocked hearing this.

Imaan asks Vikram who are you to show her right path, this is my family, my life, you are doing this as Siddhant is your relative. Shobha asks Siddhant….. Vikram says there is 100 percent security cover for Nazneen there, which even she does not know. Nazneen is welcomed in Karachi. Lala falls down in floor.

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