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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update and POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 4th March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Siddhant attacking at Thadani Corp. He tells Govind about his operation Badshah. Govind and Thadani get shocked. The blast happens at the hospital. Harleen asks who are they, my husband is outside, what’s happening. Sartaj and Nazneen get shocked seeing the terrorists firing. Sartaj sees Harleen in the ward. She looks at him and cries. The men catch him and push him down. The man shoots the cameras. He asks everyone to sit quiet and not talk.

Shobha sits worried and thinks of Siddhant. She recalls Imaan clearing the matter of misunderstanding. She sees Rohan sleeping and sits by his side. She recalls Vikram’s behavior after seeing the picture. Siddhant’s men drag the man shot by them. Siddhant says we will not kill you so soon Thadani, the drama just started.

Everyone at the hospital is held captive.Duggal calls Imaan and asks him to start news on radio. Imaan and Vikram hear news about terrorist attack on Thadani Corp and the defence hospital. The special force soldiers try to enter the building. Police commissioner checks the situation at the hospital and leaves. The reporter tells about a terrorist taken to court today, and maybe the attack is done to free him. Commissioner tells media that he is going to NSA meeting and after talking about the situation, he will report to media. He leaves.

Employees of Thadani Corp are released. They run out. Govind and Thadani are tied up. Special forces try to enter the floor and blast to clear the way. Siddhant looks around. Shobha sees the news of terrorists attacking Thadani Corp and defence hospital. The man tells Afreen that she was right and shows the news. Afreen smiles. He says congrats, your Sadiq has done this. Yusuf sees the news and gets shocked. The man says she is my best friend Lala’s daughter, treat her well, and take away Yusuf. Yusuf is taken away.

Shobha takes care of Rohan. He asks when will Papa come. She says tomorrow. She gets a message. She reads it and gets shocked. She recalls Siddhant. Amaan says Nazneen is not answering the call. Shaira calls Payal and asks about Nazneen. The terrorists ask everyone to put their phones. Sartaj puts his phone. The man sees him and holds his face. Nazneen holds Sartaj’s hand. He identifies Sartaj as POW.

Commissioner takes Vikram’s permission to engage. Vikram says not now. Commissioner gives stand by order. He reports to Vikram about no casualty report from hospital. Vikram asks him to keep media away. He gets a call from Siddhant. Siddhant says Mr. Singh…….. Vikram says Sid….. Siddhant says Sadiq….. you better put the phone on speaker. Siddhant asks commissioner to tell his police team if there is any movement, Thadani and Govind Mehta will get killed, and also the civilians in defence hospital, ask the team to connect a video communication link, rest of the talk after link setup. Vikram asks them to setup link.

Shaira, Ayaan, Satpal and Veera worry for Sartaj, Harleen and Nazneen. Sartaj says my wife is inside. The man beats him up. The other man says Sartaj has run away from prison, he is POW Sartaj. Harleen cries in ward. The man sees Harleen’s state bad and says ask doctor to handle her. Harleen is given an oxygen mask. Sartaj cries.

Ayaan calls Imaan and tells about Nazneen stuck in hospital. Imaan says tell Sartaj’s family and Shaira to be at safe distance. Ayaan says security guards are not doing anything, everyone is crying. Imaan says trust them, they know what to do. Imaan worries for Nazneen. Nazneen cries and sits with Sartaj.

Siddhant’s men fix the video setup. Siddhant asks them to keep an eye and goes. Afreen sees news. Commissioner says media and IB knows, and police force does not know. Home minister comes to meet Vikram. She asks what’s the progress. Vikram says you would have got brief. She asks is Siddhant the masterplan behind this. Commissioner says sorry Mam, we can’t say right now. Vikram says yes, Siddhant is the mastermind. Commissioner gets shocked.

Vikram tells Siddhant’s plan, his actual threats were Govind and Thadani. She asks what does he want. Vikram says its not clear, once video link is setup, we can know. Shobha calls Vikram. He gets busy in work and does not answer. Akhil says link is set up. Vikram introduces Imaan. She says I know, he was POW with Siddhant. He says none knows Siddhant better than Imaan. They go for video communication. Siddhant greets them.


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Siddhant tells Vikram about the school attack and says I m doing this for everybody, we have some demands, you have 30mins to do this. Vikram says I know Siddhant well, we have to accept his demand till we have a plan. The terrorists aim at Sartaj. Harleen looks on.

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