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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with everyone praying at Salim’s grave. The men greet Imaan, Ayaan and Sartaj and leave. Sartaj gets a call and disconnects. He gets call again. He sees Satpal getting a call. Satpal answers and asks Sartaj to talk, someone wants to talk something imp. Sartaj answers. He ends call and says keep your phone off. Satpal asks if there is a call from home. Sartaj says just do what I say. He goes to talk to Imaan. Ayaan comes and says Dadi called, Shaira is unwell. Imaan leaves. Sartaj sees someone keeping an eye on him.

He goes to Satpal and asks him to come out of the car. He checks the car. Satpal asks what happened. Sartaj sees those men gone. He says nothing, sit. Imaan and Ayaan come home. They see Nazneen and Mrs. Khan sitting silent and grieving. Shaira wakes up and says Chachu….. She sees Imaan. Shaira asks why did this happen, Salim was a nice man and did good to everyone. Imaan says I don’t know, I have no answers. But I know one thing, Salim wanted to see smile on your face, he will not like these tears, we all have to keep courage for Salim’s sake. Shaira nods. Mrs. Khan asks shall I stay here for few days. Imaan nods and says I will leave. Imaan goes out and cries seeing the name board. Nazneen comes out of the door and says bye. Imaan says its just a dead body standing infront of you. Nazneen hugs him and cries.

Doctor checks Harleen and says she will get fine. Sartaj comes there. She recalls how he saved her. He asks how are you. She says fine. The landline rings. Satpal tells Sartaj. Sartaj runs and says none will answer. Bau ji asks what’s happening. Sartaj says I don’t know, Imaan said someone is troubling us as we got petrol pump, don’t worry, this will end in 1-2 days. He removes the line wire and asks them to keep all phones shut. Harleen looks on.

Vikram and Indira have a talk. Vikram says Sartaj is afraid, maybe he is also getting calls, Imaan failed in work and maybe Sartaj will do work now. Indira asks what work. Vikram says Imaan went missing from hospital, then he went to NSA, he met Duggal, it was excuse to give him a bouquet, plan was something else. Indira says like planting something. He says why would he wait then. She says timing is imp for blast module. He says good one and searches on net to check imp days. He asks for all details for upcoming function, what will Sartaj do, you took lots of time, you have just one day, else it will be too late.

Imaan rushes to stop Ayaan from answering call. Ayaan answers and gives phone to Imaan. Inspector says I have to give info about Salim’s accident. Imaan says tell me when you get any solid proof. He goes to Nazneen and Shaira, and sees their old album. They talk via signs. She asks him to be strong. He silently goes and recalls tortures.

Sartaj checks everyone at home. They all wake up as someone throws stone at a window. Sartaj runs and gets a note. He reads the note … you can’t get saved….and gets angry.

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 7th January 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Nazneen visits Salim’s grave and says some relations don’t have a name, we miss you. She keeps their pic. Nazneen says I will make things fine. Sartaj asks Indira to just leave. Rohan talks to Vikram. Indira tells Vikram that Indira said. Sartaj asks Imaan not to meet Vikram.

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