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POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 9th January 2017 Written Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 9th January 2017 Written Update and POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 9th January 2017 video watch online

The Episode starts with Sartaj asking Imaan did you not sleep. Imaan says sleep will come once Nazneen comes. Sartaj goes to make tea. Vikram says I have to tell Imaan that agent is missing. Duggal says I got his news. He makes excuse. Vikram says I trained him, he would have found some way to contact us, he is in problem. Duggal says he contacted us, he is ensuring Nazneen’s safety. At ISI, the agent’s info is given to the officer. The man tells about the agent, he is a genius, he came in same flight by which Nazneen came.

Vikram says Nazneen’s security can’t have anything less. Duggal asks him not to worry. He asks any contact by Siddhant. Vikram says he has sent message to Nazneen, he is going to meet her, I want both of them to come back safely, I was unsure knowing about the agent, when he did not contact me… Sartaj hears Vikram. Vikram sees Sartaj and ends call. Sartaj says you were lying till now. Vikram takes Sartaj with him and says listen to me, Duggal said he spoke to agent. Sartaj asks why should I believe you. Vikram talks to him. Imaan asks what happened. They hide the matter from Imaan.

Nazneen connects to Nisha and talks to her. She asks her to come along to the art gallery. Nisha agrees. She talks to her boyfriend on video chat. She tells him about Nazneen. He asks her to come back soon. Siddhant and Afreen are in hospital. Afreen asks are you happy. Siddhant says a lot. Afreen is called by Lala. She asks Siddhant to wait, I have to talk something imp. He says fine, go to Lala, I m here.

Siddhant sees the time. Nazneen and Nisha leave. Ishita calls Yusuf and says they left from the hotel. Yusuf says I will hunt for them now. Nisha asks the man Riyaz to manage their shopping bills. He talks to Nazneen. He says you are our guest, give us a chance to serve you. She says sure, but not at art gallery, after returning to hotel. He says sure, we will wait. Yusuf follows them.

Nisha and Nazneen reach the art gallery. Yusuf stares at Nazneen. He goes to Nazneen. Nisha asks Nazneen to come, gallery is getting shut. They leave. Nazneen borrows Nisha’s phone and calls Imaan. Imaan asks everything okay. Nazneen says I m fine, we were going to hotel back from art gallery. Imaan asks who is with you. She says its just me and Nisha. He asks did he not come. She says yes. He asks about security. She says its fine, I will call you after going hotel. She ends call. Imaan tells Vikram and everyone that Nazneen said Siddhant did not reach art gallery. Vikram says why did he not reach, there will be some reason. Imaan says she has her flight tonight, I hope you should not change it. Vikram says Imaan is right, she has to come back. Duggal says Siddhant contacted her, she should stay there. Imaan says no, let her come back.

Vikram says all delegates will leave, Nazneen should come back, we should think of some other way. Duggal says we have no other way. Vikram says I will make agent do Nazneen’s work, let her come back. He asks Duggal to tell about agent. Duggal and Akhil worry. Vikram aims gun at Akhil and asks about the agent. Sartaj says they lied to us. Duggal says this is last chance to get Siddhant. Imaan shouts I don’t care, Nazneen is coming back today. Duggal says mission over. Vikram says Santosh, you are going Karachi right away.

Nisha asks Nazneen is she coming to roam Karachi before going airport. Nazneen says no, I m tired. Nisha goes. Nazneen goes by lift. She comes inside her room and gets shocked seeing Siddhant. He says Siddhant Thakur….. Indian army….. how do you do Mam…… She looks at him.

She asks did anyone see you coming. He says no, sorry I could not come there, someone is keeping an eye on you, so I laid this trap. She says what, I was told there is tight security here. He says thanks, I know you came here to meet me, indian govt. would not have more options. She says I spoke to Vikram, he said…. they all want to get you back. He says I want to come back, I did not had hope to meet any indian this way. She says I m asked to ask you some questions. He says of course, its protocol, fire. She asks him some questions to verify his identity. Siddhant answers everything.

She says I m Nazneen Khan and shakes hands. He says nice to meet you. She hugs him. Vikram talks to Santosh. Imaan asks why are we not calling there. Vikram says Nazneen will come in some time, Santosh’s flight is going to take off. Nazneen contacts them. Imaan asks Nazneen are you fine, your flight is in 2 hours. Vikram says you come back, mission is aborted. Imaan asks are you listening. She turns the laptop and shows them Siddhant. They all get shocked.

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 10th January 2017 Written Update Precap : Afreen says I feel scared that someone dear is going away. Yusuf asks where is Siddhant. Lala says he went to hotel, he told me. Siddhant says I want to come back home. Vikram says we will get you. Yusuf attacks the hotel and looks for Siddhant. Nazneen hides in the cupboard. Yusuf checks the cupboard……

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