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Prithvi Vallabh 11th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Prithvi And Mrinal Meet Old Woman In Jungle


Prithvi Vallabh 11th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Prithvi Vallabh 11th March 2018 Episode Start With Mrinal getting shocked to see many scorpions coming near her. She shouts for help.

Prithvi comes to Sulochana’s place. Other Vishkanyas attack him. They ask who is he? He says he is dacoit Dharti Singh. Sulochana asks them to kill him. Prithvi tells him that Raj kumari sent him and gave bangle and letter from Mrinal. Sulochana asks why I shall believe you. Prithvi says you don’t have any option. He asks why did you kidnap this man and sees Rasniti captive there. He makes two Vishkanya’s unconscious. Sulochana reads the letter. Prithvi makes him unconscious too. He frees Rasniti and asks him to keep eye on them. Rasniti says I will die one day because of you. Mrinal shouts calling Dharti Singh and Mama. Prithvi comes there and scares scorpions with fire, and makes it leave. Mrinal slaps him.

Mool Raj follows Prithvis. Sindhu asks Maha Kay, if they are doing mistake by trusting Mool Raj. Mool Raj comes there and tells that he got info about Mrinal. Sindhu asks him to arrest her. Mool Raj says he has a good idea and tells that they shall kill Mrinal. Sindhu says it is a bad idea. Maha Kay says it is a good idea and tells that once they kill her, they will spread rumours that Prithvi killed her. He asks Mool Raj where is Mrinal? Mool Raj says she is in cave in jungle. Maha Kay asks him to call their arrow shooters, and release poisonous gas there. Mrinal scolds him for not keeping anyone for her security, and says if she dies, then his marriage plans will shatter. Prithvi says he has found Sulochana and got her reply. Mrinal reads it and thanks him for doing good work. Prithvi says I felt good to be praised. He tries to alert her and says scorpion. Mrinal hugs him. They look at each other.

Arrow shooters fires arrows, lights fire and closes the door. Mrinal and Prithvi are shocked. They escape from window. Mrinal runs faster. Prithvi runs after her, and says Mama will kill him. Mrinal sees water and is about to jump, but Prithvi comes and holds her hand. Mrinal reminisces holding Prithvi’s hand before. They look at each other. Music plays….Prithvi says I won’t let you go, Vishkanya is coming here then why you want to die.

Prithvi is taking Mrinal with him, when he hears some sound and hides behind Mrinal. Mrinal says it seems there is some animals here. Prithvi says I don’t want to die unmarried. She asks him to tell if there is any safe place. He says Mama told me that if we get lost in jungle, then old woman will help us. Mrinal asks who is she and where? Old woman comes there.

Kosha makes ointment and says Jakala will be fine. Mausi says why she will get it applied with your hand and says we are pr*stitute. Kosha says I will apply it with my hand and tells that Jakal is Tailap’s wife. Vaid ji asks Tailap to take care of Jakala and don’t make her have wine. Tailap gives her water. Jakala says I am happy that you are with me now. Tailap asks her to understand. Kosha comes there and says I brought ointment for Maharani. Tailap asks who permitted you to come here, and says Rajya Vaid is there to take care of Maharani. He asks her to stay in Rajya’s parimal and asks her not to cross any door without his permission. He gets teary eyes while saying this. Kosha gets tears in her eyes too and goes. Jakal is stunned and happy. Mausi asks Kosha to tell what happened? Kosha says I was fool not to agree to your saying and says she don’t want to stay in palace anymore.

Old woman comes whom Prithvi met before and heard Gajanand story from her. She asks Prithvi why did he come back in such attire. Prithvi asks her not to say anything, but take them in her shelter. Old woman asks prithvi to free Mrinal’s hand and says she will not run.
Mool Raj comes to Sindhu and calls him Malwa king. Sindhu asks him not to call him Malwa king. Mool Raj tells him that Prithvi is dead, you have become Malwa king. He says even Mrinal is killed. Sindhu is shocked. Maha Kay smiles.

Tailap asks Sevaks not to give wine to Jakala. Lakshmi says she felt good seeing his concern for her, and says she will take care of jakala. Tailap tells her about the medicines to be given to Jakala and leaves. Lakshmi sits at her side.
Prithvi tells that Rajkumari is waste and can’t cook food. Old woman comes and gives clothes to Mrinal. She asks what is she hiding behind her beautiful and innocent face. She keeps her hand on Mrinal’s head and asks her to lighten her heart and burden. She asks her to speak up. Mrinal closes her eyes and recalls her parents’ death by Singhdant. She cries. Old woman hugs her.

Next day, Mrinal asks Old woman if she is not afraid of wild animals. Old woman says this is my house, they listen to their mother. Mrinal asks if you are their mother. Old woman says I am your mother too. Mrinal asks can I call you VannAmma. Old woman asks her to close her eyes and opens her heart and asks whose reflection she sees. Mrinal gets Prithvi’s flashes.

Tailap comes to Kosha and asks her to listen to him once. Kosha asks him to let her go from here. Tailap says where you will go? Kosha says I can go anywhere, but will not feel suffocated here. Tailap asks her to listen to him first. Mausi asks Kosha to hear him. Tailap asks Mausi to take Kosha to room.

He tells Kosha to understand his helplessness and says he has responsibility towards Jakala. He tells her that wine is poison for Jakala and he wants to save her. He says if you want, then can go. Kosha refuses to go and says she loves him so much. Tailap hugs her.

Prithvi tells Old woman that he wants to calm down mrinal’s anger. Old woman says she will be alright slowly and asks her to take fire near water. She asks him to take Mrinal and make her meet commoner people and understand the real world. She asks him to tell her that he is Prithvi Vallabh. Prithvi takes old woman’s blessings. Mrinal hears them.


Prithvi Vallabh 17th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Sindhu and Maha Kay come to the cave and find out that Prithvi and Mrinal had eloped. Kalari comes there and asks Sindhu if he gave this teaching to him. Mool Raj and Maha Kay’s men attack and kill him. Meanwhile Mrinal calls Prithvi by his name and throws knife on him.

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Prithvi Vallabh Details

Prithvi Vallabh – Itihaas Bhi, Rahasya Bhi is 2018 an Indian Hindi historical television series that airs on the weekends on Sony Entertainment Television.


Seema Biswas
Kiran Kumar
Surendra Pal
Narendra Jha
Saurav Gurjar
Sonarika Bhadoria
Ashish Sharma
Gurdeep Kohli
Swati Rajput
Mukesh Rishi

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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