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Prithvi Vallabh 18th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Maha Kay Misleads Sindhu And Gets Singhdant Killed


Prithvi Vallabh 18th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Prithvi Vallabh 18th March 2018 Episode Start With Tailap is in Kosha’s room and eyes her. Kosha asks why he is looking at the mirror. Tailap says I was checking who is more beautiful you or this mirror. Kosha asks then who is beautiful. Tailap says mirror and teases her. Kosha pretends to get upset. Tailap tells her that he wants to praise her etc, but he gets loss of words. He hugs her, just then two attacker comes there and are about to attack Kosha, but Tailap holds the attacker’s hand and stops him, but attacker manages to injures him instead of Kosha. Kosha gets shocked. Mausi takes Kosha from there saying her life is in danger.

Prithvi and Mrinal come out of Amrusha’s tent. Mrinal sees Sulochana there. Rasniti says Jai ho Prithvi. Prithvi says it is good that you came and tells Amrusha that he has a request, until he calls Mrinal to Malwa, she will be here as my wealth. Amrusha says she is not only your friend, my friend too and she will be fine here. Prithvi tells that he will give good news to pitaji. He tells Mrinal that he will call her when the situation gets fine in Malwa. Mrinal says I will wait for you.

While on the way, Prithvi reminisces Mrinal’s words and hug and smiles. Rasniti tells him that he has hidden something from him and says there is no news of Kalari. He asked me to take of Singhdant and told that he is going to enquire about Maha Kay’s conspiracy, but he didn’t return. He tells that they shall travel in the night. Prithvi says we have to search Guru dev, we will travel in night.

Jakala cries seeing Tailap injured. She asks sena pradhan how did this happen? Sena pradhan tells that nobody was in the room when attackers attacked him. Jakala asks him to search Kosha and her mausi. Lakshmi asks Sena Pradhan to find him.

Prithvi and Rasniti reach Malwa. Soldier tells that they have to wait till the other soldiers return. Prithvi comes to Singhdant and tells that your dream came true, Mrinal has a change of heart, she forgave you. Singhdant gets happy and tells that even if he dies then he will be relieved. Prithvi says what you are saying? Singhdant says I will see my grand children. Maharani comes and gives medicine. Prithvi takes it from her hand and makes singhdant have it.

Sulochana tells Mrinal that she is happy to see Prithvi and her friendship and she always felt that love shall win and revenge shall lose. She says you both completes each other and is made for each other. Mrinal goes near her and slaps her hard. Sulochana is shocked and asks her to keep her emotions in control, says I never loved Prithvi, this is my revenge and I will not end easily. She says I have slapped you, as you thought my acting to be real. She recalls making plan to love him so that he takes her to Singhdant and there she can kill him.

Soldier informs Maha Kay and Mool Raj that Prithvi came. Maha Kay asks Mool Raj to save his life and rajya from Sindhu and asks him to use this opportunity to the best. He says Prithvi can free you, but I will not leave you and will get you killed. Mool Raj gets tensed.

Messenger comes to Prithvi and tells that Maha Kay and Mool Raj are conspiring to kill Kalari. Prithvi gets angry and says this conspiracy will end with their deaths. He is seen riding on the horse and following Mool Raj. He throws knife on Mool Raj and make him fall down from the horse. Mool Raj tells that he knows about Kalari.

Sindhu tells that he is forced to think because of Maha Kay’s conspiracy, and says we were unsuccessful and says first he will think and do. Maha kay says you are doubting me, and says he has broken all limits to make him king, and asks him to think if Prithvi and Mrinal gets united, then there is be nothing left for you. Sindhu says your thoughts have crossed all limits and says if I agree to you then the consequences will be so bad. He says whatever I have done is wrong, and tells that Prithvi is not his enemy. Maha Kay asks about Mrinal, says Mool Raj will kill Kalari and asks him to go to Ujjain and bring Mrinal here. He asks shall I give the suggestion or not. Sindhu falls in his words and goes to Amrusha. He tells that he has come to take Mrinal home. Mrinal comes there. Sindhu tells her that as you have forgotten your enmity and extended hand of friendship, we have no grudges or enmity against you. He tells that Prithvi sent him to take her to Malwa as Singhdant wants to meet her. He says it is upto you to decide and says if you have any hesitation then I will tell him. Mrinal says she has no hesitation, she will come with him to Malwa.

Maha Kay talks to Some people and tries to instigate them against Prithvi. Other man asks him to tell. Maha Kay says Prithvi loves a woman and wants to marry her. The men asks what is the problem, it is his personal issue. Maha Kay says he wants to marry enemy nation’s woman, and says he is talking about Manyakheta. Everyone is shocked and asks about his suggestion. Maha Kay says my suggestion is Prithvi shall be moved from samrat’s position and that place shall be given to Sindhu immediately. The men tell that they will discuss.

Sindhu tells Amrusha that he will leave. Amrusha makes Mrinal wear bangles and says you have filled my life with your friendship. She says I am really happy that two of my friends are uniting. Mrinal gets touched by her gesture. Amrusha praises Prithvi and says you will be happy always. Mrinal smiles.

Kalari is alive in Mool Raj’s captivity. Mool Raj’s man says I can’t believe that he is Sena head Kalari and asks him to open his eyes, says if you die without seeing me then I will be very sad. He is about to stab him, when Prithvi comes and throws Mool Raj on floor. Man asks other men to catch him. Prithvi fights with them. Kalari sees Prithvi and faints again. Prithvi injures or kill Mool Chand’s men and hugs Kalari.

Sindhu asks Mrinal to meet Singhdant and also other family members. Mrinal nods. Prithvi asks Kalari if he is fine. Kalari apologizes to him and says I would have controlled my feelings else this wouldn’t have happened. He says Sindhu and Maha kay are equally guilty and tells that he is under the influence of maha kay, we have to make him understand else… Prithvi is shocked.

Sindhu drinks wine and recalls Maha Kay telling him that if Singhdant stays alive then he will not make him king, it is better for him to die. He asks her to bring Mrinal and says we can accuse Mrinal and Prithvi also for his murder. Sindhu don’t agree with him. Maha Kay instigates him and says you shall make the soldiers go from outside singhdant’s room and give moksha to him with your hands. Sindhu is tensed and heavily drunk. He comes to Singhdant’s room and kisses on his forehead. He massages his feet. Sindhu opens his eyes and says I am sad that I couldn’t be a good father to you. Sindhu recalls Maha Kay’s instigation and tells that you never thought me as your son or a king. He says my father and son are away from me. Singhdant tries to make him understand and says he never thought him incompetent, but Sindhu gets angry and stabs knife on his chest holding his hands tightly and says I will become king, and after me, my son will become king.

Soldier comes to Mrinal and says Sindhu is asking her to meet Singhdant as the latter wants to meet you. Mrinal goes to Singhdant’s room with him, recalling her parents’ death etc. Soldier leaves her in Singhdant’s room and goes. Singhdant is made to lie down on bed as if he is sleeping. Mrinal says you have killed an innocent girl’s parents right infront of her eyes and says if you had kill me then I wouldn’t have been standing infront of you. She says you have given birth to this Mrinal and today she will punish him. She says I will never forgive you. She turns him towards her and finds him already murdered with knife stabbed on his chest. Maharani comes there, sees Mrinal standing there and shouts Maharaj.


Prithvi Vallabh 24th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Maharani slaps Mrinal. Sindhu gets Mrinal and Prithvi arrested for killing Singhdant. Prithvi is shocked. Mrinal looks at Sindhu angrily.

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Prithvi Vallabh – Itihaas Bhi, Rahasya Bhi is 2018 an Indian Hindi historical television series that airs on the weekends on Sony Entertainment Television.


Seema Biswas
Kiran Kumar
Surendra Pal
Narendra Jha
Saurav Gurjar
Sonarika Bhadoria
Ashish Sharma
Gurdeep Kohli
Swati Rajput
Mukesh Rishi

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min