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Queens Hain Hum 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

Amrit feels hungry. Sona gives her food and says I brought food with difficulty as everyone is upset and don’t want to have food. Amrit thinks if I have expose Tanya then Sumitra would have thrown them out, but just as Tanya confessed to the truth, everything is ruined. Sona says drama will happen in this house with Dev’s remarriage. Amrit tells that they can control Tanya, but not Dev’s second wife. She says I won’t let Dev remarry and asks her to eat. Sona refuses and gets tensed.

Maya asks her employee to make sure all beautician come on time as there is a marriage in Chimas. Pushkar comes there and says he didn’t go to Mumbai and came to love himself. He tells Maya that he is not her blogger anymore. Maya apologizes for taking out her anger. Pushkar says don’t know if we will

meet again or not. Maya gets sad.

Akku talks on phone and tells that Chinu didn’t tell anything. Purab and Sandhya comes there and shows her newspaper and says someone is indirectly threatening us. Sandhya says it is a threat. Akku asks them to get habitual to such threats and says I know who have done this. Purab asks who? Akku says Shashi Burman and his followers want to take revenge from us anyhow. She says red spot will ruin the man whoever tries to harm the woman.

Shreya brings Adhi back to the palace after visiting the doctor. Adhi says we shall go on a long drive. Shreya says Doctor gave you anti venom injection and asks him to rest. She tells that she don’t want to stay here and wants to go back to their palace and says someone put snake on their bed. Adhi says it was an accident. Shreya goes inside.

Pandit ji checks mahurat for Dev’s remarriage and says marriage mahurat is after 1.5 months. Sumitra says she can’t wait longer and asks him to take early mahurat. Pandit ji checks and says mahurat is for tomorrow. Sumitra agrees. Dev gets upset. Tanya congratulates her and goes to inform bride’s family.

Sona asks Jatin to speak up. Jatin tells Sumitra how can marriage happen when Tanya is alive and in marriage with Dev. Sona says this is illegal. Jatin says we are educated and can get trapped. Sumitra asks why they are interfering and tells that this marriage is happening with Tanya’s wish so Police complain is valid. Sona asks her not to involve them. Sumitra says she don’t need anyone as she has Tanya with her.

Shreya packs her bags. Adhi says we will not go. Shreya asks him to stay there, but says she will not stay here. She tries to call Highness. Adhi stops her and says she shall not let Highness know about this. He asks her if she forgot what KT told her and says if we return to Delhi then it will be risky with your life. He hugs her. Rukhi looks at them and goes.

Sumitra and Tanya see the clothes for the bride. Tanya selects lehenga for the bride and asks shop keeper to match heavy dupatta with it. Sona comes with her kids. Sumitra asks her to select clothes for her and kids. Sona says we can wear anything. Kids ask Tanya why they are shopping. Sumitra tells about Dev’s remarriage. Kids asks why as he is already married to Tanya. Sona asks them to answer now. Kids go. Sona tells that her kids will get affected with second marriage customs.

Shreya looks for her phone and recalls keeping it in car. She tells Adhi that she will bring phone and goes. Adhi is taking shower and couldn’t hear her. Shreya comes out and sits in car to get her phone. Suddenly her car’s door is locked and she feels suffocated because of the gas inside. She calls for help.


Queens Hain Hum 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Tanya tells that everything will be fine. Adhi tells Shreya that he will come in sometime. Shreya refuses to let him go anywhere. Later Tanya tells Dev that she has moved her stuff to guest room and will stay there from tomorrow. Dev and Tanya cries.

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