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Queens Hain Hum 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 10th February 2017 video watch online on

Jahnvi goes to MD’s cabin and says she tried to mentor Swati, but she wrongly filed s*xual harassment case on her. MD says he knows everything, but he has to follow procedure and arrange internal committee for interrogation. She asks what if she is proved guilty by chance, he says then she has to resign from job and this allegation will follow here wherever she goes.

Maya is busy explaining about her new slimming product to Katyal. She gets a courier and reads sender address. Katyal checks it and says seems to be stalker/Jimmy’s courier. He opens it and finds lingerie with Maya’s morphed photo lingerie model. He also reads note that she should wear this lingerie and sends pics posing as model, he will fix them on his room walls. Maya fumes that his mother should not have given birth to him at all. Katyal says this man seems to be a criminal, now he will handle him.

Tanya serves juice to Dev and his MIL. MIL says she does not need it. Dev insists. She sips and says it does not have sugar. Tanya says she mixed honey and will get some more. MIL keeps juice. Dev says sometimes they need to be sweet. MIL says if he wants so, then he should give her a grandson, if he can. Dev sits sadly and Tanya also feels sad.

KT enters Shreya’s room and asks her not to eat basundi she makes for dinner as she is mixing sleeping pill to investigate about her MIL. Shreya says Adhi told his father was a hippie and was debarred out of royalty. KT jokes and asks her to befriend with Sanaya as she can get more info from her.

At night, KT goes to Madhurima’s room and finds a weird Christian name and chat in her mobile. In the morning, Madhurima gets dizzy during breakfast. Adhi gets tensed and asks her to relax today, he will take care of her work. She agrees and briefs him. Once everyone leaves, KT tells Shreya about weird number with Christian name and tells there is some secret hidden overseas and they need to find out why Adhi and Madhurima make foreign trips often.

Hetal walks into Jahnvi’s cabin and asks if she really s*xually harassed her, staff is discussing that she is a lesbian. Jahnvi asks her to call Swati. Hetal returns and says Swati told that she will meet her only in front of investigating committee. Jahnvi says fine then, for good people, Jahnvi is really good and for bad, she is really bad.

Precap :Jahnvi in front of investigating committee alleges Swati that she is already pregnant. Swati says she is not. Jahnvi says then why did she lie. Committee male member tells female member that s*xual harassment between women is out of his understanding. Jimmy stalker crashes with Maya’s car.

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