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Queens Hain Hum 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 13th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Amrith yells at Sumitra to divide her property and give half share to Sona and Jatin. Sumitra shouts who is she to divide her house. Amrith continues yelling and says she wants to give whole property share to Dev and her puppet Tanya, so she kicked out Jatin and Sona. Sumitra says Jatin and Sona left house as Amrith brainwashed them and warns her to get out of her house right now. Amrith yells she will get property share at any cost. Sumitra says she will call police. Amrith runs from there.

Akku tells Desho that she is shifting house as she found a new place centrally located. Desho says she is leaving this place as it reminds her of Chaitanya. Akku says no..she has already informed movers and packers, they should pack soon. Desho says Chaitanya called and told he will pick Aniket tomorrow. Akku says yes.

KT shows Shreya news about people’s excitement regarding Adhi’s raj Tilak in Alwar and his political career. Tanya says what is new in it. KT says she feels Madhurima is worried that if Adhi is not made raja, his father Shivraj’s illegitimate child will claim throne. Shreya reminisces Adhi telling his father was a Casanova and says if her prediction is right, then Shivraj wants his other son to become king.

Maya tries to calm Avinash after playing a prank on him. She apologizes. Their romantic discussion continues and they reminisce their old days. They get intimate. Pal pal dil ke paas tum rahti ho…song..plays in the background.

Akku packs her bags sadly reminiscing Chaitanya. Kis mod pe aayi ye kahani….song..plays in the background. She reminisces all the happier moments she spent with Chaitanya.

Dev holds Tanya’s hands and praises she is so great, he misbehaved with her and even injured her, but she did not even complain. Tanya says she knows his heart is beautiful and he loves her a lot, so she does not mind small issues at all. She serves him fod and he feeds her from his hand.

Adhi’s coronation ceremony and birthday party starts. All queens gather. The congratulate Shreya. Madhurima says Shreya that this is her first holi and should be memorable, so she planned surprise party for her. Shreya says that is why she asked her to wear these clothes, but Adhi told they don’t celebrate holi. Madhurima says they don’t after accident at their house, but for her and Adhi, she will celebrate it. She performs Krishna aarti and lets everyone perform aarti next.


Queens Hain Hum 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shreya gets Adhi ready as Krishna for holi celebration.

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