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Queens Hain Hum 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 14th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

Dev returns home and sees his mother fuming. She asks where is Tanya, she let her guard house and went out. Dev says he thought she would have come home by now. Tanya comes. Dev says her friend called and asked why she is not going for religious trip. Mother says she does not feel like. Dev and Tanya insist and she agrees to go.

At Jahnvi’s office, Hetal asks what happened during interrogation, if she proved her point. Jahnvi fumes that Swati’s suicide drama was to trap her and she alleged that she s*xually abused her. She then to call colleagues with a report. Hetal says female colleagues are hesitant and only male colleague is ready with report. Male colleague enters and gives report. Jahnvi asks him to finish report. He says he is taking half a day and will finish it tomorrow. She scolds he cannot be too unprofessional. He yells that she will kicked out of her position soon as company will not like lesbians. Jahnvi is shocked seeing his misbehavior.

Akku is busy working at home. Aniket wears Chatianya’s shirt and asks if he is looking like papa. She says yes and goes in. He calls Chaitanya from her mobile and says he wants to meet. Chaitanya asks him to get ready in the evening, they will go out.

Maya serves dinner to children once they return home from school and calls Avinash. She starts chatting. He senses something is wrong and asks if she is fine. She says nothing important. Children leave for a party at neighbor’s house. She locks doors and nervously roams around house and calls Pushkar. Pushkar asks her not to worry and keep doors and windows locked.

Chaitanya comes to pick Aniket at night. Akku asks where he is taking Aniket. Chaitanya says Aniket had called him and insisted to spend time, s he told he will pick him in the night. Akku says his clothes are not yet ready. Aniket comes and says he is already ready. Chaitanya says he will drop Aniket back in the morning and takes him along. Akku stands dumstuck.

Jimmy/floor clean calls Maya via her office landline and wifi and bullies her. She fumes and shouts on her, but he continues harrassing her. In the morning, milkman comes and she opens door after questioning. Jimmy calls her again and says he knows she laid a trap and laughs that he will get her any cost. Maya calls Pushkar and informs him everything. He asks if she saw his name on caller ID. She says it was private number. She asks to send call recording.

Queens Hain Hum 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Investor tells Jahnvi that Swati is right and Jahnvi is lying. Pushkar informs Maya that stalker Jimmy used her office wifi and landline to call her and is from her staff. Floor cleaner wishes him happy birthday and he identifies he is Jimmy.

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