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Queens Hain Hum 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

Holi celebrations continue at Shreya’s house. Madhurima makes Adhi’ as Krishna tells queens they have to prepare garland and whoever prepares first will dorn it on Adhi’s neck. Queen taunt Shreya that they will prepare garland first. Shreya warns not to eye on her husband. Jahnvi prepares garland first and gives it to Shreya. She says she will give 1 dare each to Adhi and Shreya and they have to do what she says. Shreya first dorns garland on Adhi. Jahnvi says Adhi has to apply holi to Shreya without touching by hand. He tries a lot. Avinash says he will help her. Maya warns him no cheating. Adhi thinks a lot and then tries to apply holi to his nose, but coughs. Shreya says forget it, hhe cannot do it. Adhi says he is Rathod and will not accept defeat easily. He applies holi on his cheeks and applies it on Shreya everyone clap. Adhi moves aside and Avinash accompanies him.

Jahnvi then orders Shreya to apply holi on Madhurima. Shreya says she cannot and Maya says this is not fair. Shreya goes to Madhurima and says arranged party for her and if she permits, she wants to apply holi on her. Madhurima permits. Shreya then slips and color falls on Madhurima’s sari. Madhurima scolds that she will become queen soon and should not be so careless and leaves to change.

Queen then dance and enjoy. Avinash asks Adhi to get bhang milk. Adhi orders servant to get bhang milk. Shreya passes by and sees someone mixing something in bhang. She runs behind him and he escapes. She then checks bhang and finds dhatura/poison in it. She then sees same glass being served to Adhi and runs to save him. She stops him and informs bhang milk has poison in it. Madhurima says nobody can dare to enter tight security and poison Adhi. Shreya says she saw from her eyes. Madhurima asks to prove it. Shreya drinks glass and collapses and her starts frothing from mouth. Everyone get tensed. Akku asks to get salt water and give it to Shreya, she will vomit poison out. They do same. Madhurima says it is all because of someone doesn’t want Adhi to become Alwar’s Raja.


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