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Queens Hain Hum 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 15th March 2017 video watch online on HD on

Madhurima orders Sanaya to dismiss Haveli’s old guards and hire new guards. She apologizes Shreya and says she and whole Alwar janata are thankful to her. Shreya says Adhi is her husband and her identity is with his identity. Madhurima asks her to go and rest and thinks she has to keep away all the problems till Adhiraj’s rajtilak.

Tanya serves food to Dev and Sumitra. Maya calls her. Sumitra sees number and fumes. Maya calls repeatedly. Sumitra picks. Maya apologizes and asks her forgiveness. Sumitra asks why did she call. Maya says she has arranged her and Avinash’s wedding anniversary party and wants to invite Dev and Tanya. Sumitra says now she wants Dev also attend her vulgar parties, she should invite Tanya herself. Tanya takes phone and warns not to call her again.

Maya sadly says Jahnvi that she will cancel party. Jahnvi says Avinash has arranged party for her after a long time and she should not cancel. Avinash comes and tells Maya that he will drop her to parlor on the way.

Sanaya briefs Adhi’s raj tilak schedule to Madhurima. Madhurima gets a message. She asks Sanaya to read it. She says some Vishjar has message that he is not invited in his son’s rajtilak, but he is coming to bless him. Madhurima reminisces bhang milk incident and thinks rajasaheb had done that attack on Adhi and asks Sanaya to arrange a pooja for Adhi’s proection.

Shreya excitedly tells Adhi about Maya’s party and says she is very happy that he is attending party with her. Madhurima enters and informs about tonight’s pooja and orders Adhi that he will not leave home till rajtilak. Adhi says he is attending party. She says it is risky. Adhi says Maya’s house is safe and guards will be outside home always.

Maya meets Pushkar in her salon who asked if he experiment with Avinash was successful. She asks what experiment. He says then she does not need his help, so he will leave. She holds his hand and tells all the incident happened. He says then Avinash would have kissed her. She gets nervous reminiscing same. Another lady client comes and insists Pushkar to help her in preparing for beauty contest.

Akku packs all her items to shift her house. Chaitanya comes. Aniket gets very happy seeing him. Chaitanya says they are going to water park. Aniket insists Akku to accompany. Akku says their new house will get upset if they leave it alone, so she has to stay here. Chaitanya thanks Akku and says he will drop Aniket tomorrow evening. She nods okay.

Maya calls Tanya again. Dev tries speak, but Tanya stops him. Dev asks to listen at least what she wants to say.

Sanaya arranges pooja for Adhi. Pandit comes. Madhurima thanks pandit for coming in short notice. Her devar comes and greets her.


Queens Hain Hum 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Adhi’s father comes and Madurima gets tensed. Avinash seeing Maya with Pushkar says Maya is having an affair already. Maya gets tensed. Aaliya tries to suicide and Jahnvi gets tensed.

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