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Queens Hain Hum 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev waits for Tanya to return. MIL gets tired and goes to sleep. Tanya returns home and Dev asks where she had been. She says nothing. He asks if she is hiding something. Tanya tells she went to meet a famous astrologer and even he said she is having a defect and cannot become mother. Dev says he has already lost hope, but she is still having false hopes. In the morning, during breakfast, Tanya serves kheer to MIL, but MIL says no and asks where she was yesterday, she wanted till late and then slept. She must have gone to meet queens. Dev says she went to meet famous astrologer. MIL says Dev knew about it and did not inform her. She met many astrologers and did pooja, etc., but with Tanya’s defect, nothing can be done, so she has decided something.

Adhi returns home. Madhurima gets very happy seeing him and walks towards him limping. Shreya tries to hold her, but she pushes Shreya and asks Adhi where he was, she needs to talk something important and takes along. Shreya tries to follow, but Madhurima shouts to stop.

Pushkar with Jahnvi travels towards Maya’s house. He jokes with janvi that he will date both her and Maya. Jahnvi laughs. He reminds that Maya is his coblogger from today. Jahnvi says oh yes. Pushkar says he is doing an women oriented experiment and needs Maya’s help.

Madhurima takes Adhi to her room and tells his father Maharaj Shivraj Singh Rathod is coming back and she is worried he is coming with a motto. Adhi assures that whatever it happens, he will be with her and says bade raja gave administration in her hands and trusted her, she is legal heir and need not worry. Shreya comes in. Madhurima asks him to send outsider away. Adhi says Shreya is part of family. Madhurima says he does not know what Shreya did, she knew where he was but did not tell her and let her get worried for him. Adhi says he asked Shreya not to tell anyone as he wanted to relax for sometime after his hectic schedule.

Pushkar with Jhanvi reaches Maya’s house. Maya greets them in. Avinash asks Jahnvi if he is her boyfriend. Jahnvi says no. Pushkar mingles with children and gives them chocs. Pushkar introduces himself as Maya’s salon’s client and her new coblogger, she will be working with him on his videoblog from today. Avinash looks at Maya’s face. Pushkar says he came to pick Maya for salon as her car is in garage. Avinash asks Maya why did not she inform him before. She says she did not want to trouble him and says she told him to drop him to salon in the morning. He says she did, but if she is insisting he will drop her. Jahnvi tells Pushkar that his plan failed, now he has to drop her to office and leaves. Avinash asks Maya what is all this. Maya says Pushkar jokes a lot. Back in car, Jahhnvi tells again his plan failed. Pushhar says it is not, Maya is getting attracted to him and tells about his new experiment where he will prove that extramarital affair is good for a healthy married life and he is using Maya for this. Jahnvi shouts to stop car right now.

Queens Hain Hum 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Akku slaps Aniket. Shreya asks Adhi why Madhurima is so afraid of Shivraj. Adhi says because Shivraj is returning with some bad motto. Pushkar invites a girl for date and she agrees, he asks Maya if it is okay. She excitedly says yes. Pushkar records his next mission on tab to lure Maya.

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