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Queens Hain Hum 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev eagerly waits for Tanya and tells Sumitra it is already 11 p.m. and Tanya did not return home yet, if she informed her anything. Sumitra says she must have gone to meet queens. Dev tells Tanya will not go against her order and will not meet queens. He calls Sona and asks if Tanya came there. She says no. He asks Sumitra if she told Tanya about his second marriage. She says no. He says he does not trust her. He calls Maya and asks if Tanya came there. She says after Sumitra stopped Tanya, she will not go to any quen’s house. She makes a conference call to all queens. They all get worried for her. Maya and Jahnvi seach her on roads. Sumitra tells Dev that his engagement is tomorrow. He is shocked and asks how can she, Tanya consider her as god and she is thinking bad for Tanya. He warns if anything happens to Tanya, she will lose even him.

Akku calls her contact and gives Tanya’s description and to find her soon. Shreya tells Madhurima that she has to go out and find Tanya. Madhurima says Rajasaheb can play foul if any of them go out, so she wants them to stay at home till Adhi’s raj tilak.

Dev meets Maya and Avinash and they all get more tensed. Dev calls Akku and she suggests to file police complaint if Tanya is not found by morning. Dev says they will avoid police complaint. Avinash says Akku is right, they should file police complaint.

Tanya walks on street reminiscing Dev and Sumitra’s fight, Dev pushing her an walking away even after seeing her injured hand, Amrith informing her that Dev is getting remarried and she will be kicked out of his life. She collapses.

Adhi wakes up in the morning and roses all around. He picks a rose and smiles. Shreya wishes him happy birthday. He gets romantic and says his life is beautiful because of her, he used to celebrate birthdays even before, but after she came into his life, he feels very happy. She gets shy. He dances with her. She says she has a gift for him and asks to guess. He says he is rajput and sportsman, he cannot guess. She gives him envelope. He opens it and is surprised to see a report that his impotency is cured. Shreya says she wanted to see his happy face, so did not inform him before. their romance continues.

Dev files Tanya’s missing police complaint. Adhi’s coronation starts and Shivraj stops it. Someone calls Sumitra and asks if she knows Tanya.

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