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Queens Hain Hum 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 22nd February 2017 Video Watch Online on

Maya sees Swati being harassed by taxi driver and his friend and calls police control room. Police rescues Swati and arrests taxi drier and his friend. Jahnvi relaxes sitting in his car far away.

Tanya serves breakfast to Dev in the morning. He apologizes her for being so rude yesterday. She says it is okay, he spoke truth, at least he vented out is anger, she is not angry on him at all and in fact is glad he spoke.

Maya combs her hair and notices nail marks on her neck still present. Avinash returns home. She hugs him emotionally. Avinash says she did not get this emotional when he went on business trip for the first time after marriage. She says she missed him a lot this time, hiding her neck marks with hair. He asks her to send his food to his room as he is having jet lag.

At office, Kevin brainwashes colleagues against Jahnvi as usual. They discuss that Jahnvi deserves being kicked out office and she must be celebrating farewell party with peon and her favorite Kinjal. Kinjal passes by and Kevin comments. Kinjal gives him a nice ear.

Investigation officers question Swati and Jahnvi and pronounce Jahnvi guilty. Jahnvi gets up and tries to leave. Swati stops her and tells officers that Jahnvi is innocent and Kevin brainwashed her to file fake case against Jahnvi. Jahnvi is a good woman and she even rescued her from taxi driver. Officer says she will lose her job for filing false case. Swati says she does not care.

Swati apologizes Jahnvi. Jahnvi says she should fall a victim by males like Kevin, women are not weak. She says she will. All others apologize Jahnvi for misunderstanding her. Swati gives resignation letter. Jahnvi tears it and says they all will work again on their new project. Kevin comes and Jahnvi brainwashed Swati. Kinjal yells at him followed by other. He walks continuing to badmouth about Jahnvi. MD comes and throws termination letter on Kevi and orders to get out of his office.

Queen gather again and discuss about their recent happenings. They ask Maya where she was missing. Maya reminisces her harassment incident. Tanya asks Jahnvi what happened to her case. Jahnvi says they don’t believe who was culprit. Maya says must be Kevin, she hates that guy. Akku suggests her to file case on Kevin. Jahnvi says Kevin is kicked out of job. Their discussion continues.


Queens Hain Hum 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Jahnvi tells queens that she knows Sumitra who threatens his bahu for a legal heir. Sumitra hears their conversation. Dev asks Tanya to break up with her friends right now. Sanaya asks Madhurima why she looks tensed. Madhurima says he is coming.

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