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Queens Hain Hum 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

Dev eagerly waits for Tanya’s info. Akku calls him and asks if Tanya came. He says not yet. She says they should file police complaint. Dev says he is coming. Sumitra hears his conversation and says he cannot go out and has engagement today. He asks how can she think of his engagement, her bahu is missing. She says it is good Tanya herself left house. Dev says if someone complains police, they will be in jail. She starts emotional atyachar that he wants to send his mother to jail. He says stop it. She says if he goes out, he will see her dead face. Dev helplessly stops.

Adhi’s coronation ceremony starts. He is given a royal bath. Madhurima, Shreya and Sanaya watch from a distance. Jahnvi goes to meet minister and his assistant asks her to wait in lawn. Kinjal asks Jahnvi how can they stay under son. Jahnvi says they have to. They wait for 3 hours, but minister watches them from glass and does not come out. Jahnvi leaves fuming. Assistant asks minister why did he make Jahnvi wait so much. Minister says she is desperate to get her work done, the more she waits, he more the can repeat benefit.

Sumitra eagerly waits for girl’s family to come for Dev’s engagement. She hears landline ringing and picks it. An NGO lady speaks and asks if she knows Tanya. Sumitra says she is her bahu and not at home. Lady says they found Tanya unconscious on road and brought her to their NGO, doc checked her and told she collapsed due pregnancy weakness. Sumitra gets very happy hearing Tanya’s pregnancy news and says she is coming there right now. She informs Dev about Tanya’s pregnancy and says she will cancel his engagement as Tanya herself is pregnant now.

Adhi comes for coronation ceremony and touches Rajguru’s feet. Rajguru blesses him and asks Dev to sit on royal chair. Madhurima greets guests and announces Adhi’s coronation. She apologizes for noting performing coronation at Alwar due to some unforeseen reason and says today is Adhi’s 25th birthday ad his raj tilak will happen according to his grandfather Mansingh Rathod’s wish. People chant Adhi’s name. Madurima asks rajguru to start coronation ceremony. Someone asks why did not she invite Adhi’s father Shivrajsingh. Shivraj enters and says a father does not invitation for son’s coronation ceremony. He gives lotus to Adhi and blesses that he will glow like lotus and serve his praja. Adhi touches his feet. Rajguru aasks Adhi if he accepts to become raja and serve Alwar praja. He says yes. Someone comes and says stop.

Sumitra and Dev reach NGO. NGO lady gives them Tanya’s medical report and says she is 5 weeks’ pregnant.

Arvind stops coronation ceremony and murmurs in Rajguru’s ears. Madhurima asks to be specific. Arvind says Adhi is impotent and cannot become raja. He shows report. Rajguru says Adhi cannot become Raja. Shreya brings report and says Adhi is not impotent.


Queens Hain Hum 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Alwar people ask Rajguru to stop Adhi’s coronation. Shreya shouts to first listen to her and shows medical report. She asks Shivraj next why don’t he stay with them. Tanya asks Sumitra and Dev why did they come after breaking her heart, they should leave her alone.

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