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Queens Hain Hum 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 23rd February 2017 video watch online on

Queens gather after a long time at Tanya’s house. Jahnvi asks Maya why she was not picking calls recently. Maya says she went through a very bad face and fell in her own trap. She tells about dating and whole incident happened. Akku says she knows a lot of contacts in cyber cell. Maya says her salon client helped her. Shreya says Maya and Jahnvi’s lives’ bad phase finished. She says she is craving for samosas. Jahnvi asks Tanya to prepare something. Tanya asks to prepare themselves. Jahnvi and Shreya go to kitchen and find Anniversary cake on dining take. They ask Tanya if it is her wedding anniversary today and all 4 queens congratulate her. Tanya says what ind of friends they are, they forgot her anniversary was yesterday and did not wish her. Maya says they all entangled in own problem.

Tanya tells queen that she did not celebrate anniversary as Dev was upset after Shivaay is taken away by Sona and Jatin. He did not express his feelings at all. Jahnvi says if she adopts baby, her problem would be solved. Sona says mummy ji wants her own blood. Mummy ji returns from trip. Jahnnvi says she knows her mummiji as she stayed her for 3 years as PG. Mummiji acts as modern, but is too rigid. She continues badmouthing about mummiji and says she should take away Dev from here to teach mummyji a lesson.. Mummyji/MIL enters and confronts this is what they discuss during their meetings. She yells at Jahnvi that she did not marry yet as she is very selfish and wants to think of herself, she pities on her parents. Jahnvi says she did not talk wrong. Akku tries to speak. MIL says she is at the verge of divorce and should save her family instead of breaking someone’s family. She continues. All queens walk out.

Dev returns home and MIL complains that she gave so much lenience to Tanya as she is a good girl and knows to hold family together, but her friends want to break their house. Tanya roamed in skimpy clothes during queen’s meetings, but she did not complain. Now queens want to snatch her son away from her. Dev he will not go away from her and asks Tanya to disconnect with Queens right now.

Purab rejoins Akku. Akku says she has forgotten what happened in the past and he should think of present, she is glad he is back. Desho calls and says Chaitanya has come to take Aniket to Disney land and wants Aniket’s bags packed, she should come right now. Akku asks Purab to take over and leaves for home. She reaches home and sees Aniket playing with Chaitanya. Desho brings bag. Akku says they should leave soon, else they will miss flight. Chaitanya says they already missed flight and will catch next one. Akku says Aniket has some food allergy and to be careful. Chaitanya says he brought up Aniket and knows better than her.


Queens Hain Hum 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhurima speaks to media and says Adhi’s missing news is fake and orders Sanaya to not let his news leak. Tanya asks queens not to ruin her life more and shuts door on them. TT tells Shreya that Adhi’s missing lead is connecting to his father Shivraj.

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