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Queens Hain Hum 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Adhiraj’s uncle Arvind alleges that Adhi is impotent, so he cannot be coronated. Shreya brings reports and says this is a false news. Arvind tautns her that royal family women don’t speak in open, but she can as she is from a a filmy background. Shreya says only a wife knows if her husband is impotent or not and Adhi is completely potent. If they have any doubt, they can check this report and even call the doctor mentioned on it. She gives report to Rajguru and says soon Alwar will get their Yuvraj. Shivraj warns Arvind to get out. Rajguru finishes Adhi’s coronation and pronounces him Alwar’s raja.

Dev and Sumitra go to NGO to meet Tanya. Tanya asks why did they come here, they can go ahead with Dev’s second marriage, she does not have any problem. Sumitra says there is no need for that as she is pregnant now. Tanya is surprised. Dev shows her report and she gets very emotional. Dev and Sumitra say let us go home.

After coronation, Adhi angrily walks towards Shivraj, but Madhurima stops him and takes along. Shreya touches Shivraj’s feet. He blesses her and says she is perfect for Adhi and he is happy seeing her bold move, she can call him dad or pitaji. She says pitaji is dear one and asks why don’t he stay with them. He says he is repenting for the sin he did. She asks what is it. He says he will tell some other day in detail and leaves.

Dev calls queens and inform that Tanya is back home and is pregnant. They all congratulate him. He invites them all and asks where is Shreya. They say she is busy in Adhi’s coronation ceremony. He asks them to come at least.

Madhurima hugs Shreya and praises that she is a perfect bahu and proved he intelligence. Adhi says he had been for treatment on Shreya’s insistence and got well. Madhurima says she can wish anything from her. Shreya says she already got what she needs, Adhi. Madhurima says even then she can wish anytime.

Queens reach Tanya’s house and apologize Madhurima. Madhurima says she is very happy today and forgives them all. She takes them to Tanya’s room and pampers Tanya. Queens congratulate Tanya and they all hug each other happily.

Madhurima asks her assistant where is Sanaya, she had to inform who leaked Adhi’s news. Sanaya comes and says it is a trained spy, Karishma Talwar/KT. Shreya reminisces she hired KT.

Precap: Shreya informs queens that everyone think KT leaked royal family’s secrets. Queens say they called her to inform about Tanya. Shreya asks what is it. Akku says there is a new twist in Tanya’s life. Minister tries to get intimate with Jahnvi and she notices his bad intentions.

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