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Queens Hain Hum 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Jahnvi tells Akku that she tried calling TT/Tanya, but she is not picking call Akku calls and switches on speak. TT picks call and says hello. Akku and Jahnvi as where is she, why she is not picking calls. TT says thanks for calling and asks not to call her. Jahnvi says why she is overacting. Akku says it is obvious. Desho brings tea and asks what happened. Jahnvi describes whole incident happened. Desho says not to worry, TT anger calms down like tea. Akku asks where is her tea. Desho says she drank while preparing it and laughs. Akku says if Desho was not with her, she does not know how she would have managed. Akku says yes. Maya calls TT next. TT is busy serving food to Dev and Sumitra and disconnects call. Maya calls Jahnvi, Akku, and Shreya and inform them that TT is not picking Call after yesterday’s incident. They all decide to meet at TT’s house and find out reason.

Sanaya gets a news that Adhi is missing and asks Madhurima’s assistant why her highness is so upset this time. Assistant says even he does not know. Madhurima comes down speaking over phone and asks not to let anyone leak Adhi’s missing news. She asks Sanaya to do same.

Queens reach TT’s house and knock door. Dev opens door and wishes hello. Madhurima fumes seeing them. They all apologize her and request to forgive them thinking as kids and eagerly look at her. TT asks why they want to ruin her family life, why they want to separate her from her family. She pushes them out and closes door. They all knock door. TT cries hiding behind pillar. Maya says let us go from here, hope Sumitra aunty does not taunt TT more. They all walk away. A sad song plays in the background.

Aaliya calls Jahnvi and starts fighting for not calling her. Jahnvi says already her life is jumbled, eve then she calls her whenever she is free, she does not even speak to her parents often like she speaks to her. Aaliya says she is her girlfriend and has right to demand, her dog is better than her. Jahnvi says whatever and disconnects call.

Sanaya calls Adhi’s driver and asks where did he drop Adhi and whom Adhi was speaking to on the way. Driver says Manali and Junior her highness Shreya. Madhurima at home seriously calls her contacts and asks if they found Adhi. Shreya asks if she can help. Madhurima warns to stay away from family matters. Sanaya calls Madhurima and asks her to check with Shreya as Adhi spoke to her before leaving for Manali and Shreya seems not worried at all. Madhurima says okay. Shreya goes to her room and KT tells Adhi’s missing link to Shivraj. Shreya says Shivraj is Adhi’s father’s name.

Precap: Madhurima asks Shreya if she spoke to Adhi. Shreya says no since 3 days. Mahdurima says then her phone records show 3 calls from Jaipur network and orders Sanaya to take Shreya’s phone, who does same. Jahnvi gets very happy seeing her old friend. TT calls her friend and asks to give her astrologer’s name.

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