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Queens Hain Hum 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Shreya goes to Madhurima and tries to tell that she had hired KT, but Adhi stops her and says she is tensed regarding KT’s issue. Madhurima asks why. Adhi says Shreya should go and sleep now and takes her along.

Jahnvi reaches home and Aaliya insists her to get into swimming pool. Jahnvi sits on chair. Aaliya asks what happened. Jahnvi informs her about minister’s demand to get a girl if she needs project appoved. Aaliya says how disgusting, she should have slapped minister. Jahnvi says it is corporate world and thinks don’t work that way. Aaliya asks to leave project then. Jahnvi says someone else will take over and get work done. Aaliya asks to listen to her heart then.

Adhi takes Shreya to room and asks why she was making such a big mistake. Shreya says she wanted to clear her stance and stop feeling guilty. He says Madhurima would have punished her and her reputation would have been at stake, he does not like anyone insulting his wife, be it his mother. Shreya syas if he trusts her so much, then he should believe KT would not do anything wrong. Adhi says he was taught to believe what is seen and asks her to stay away from all this from hereon.

Pushkar reaches Jahnvi’s house and seeing her tensed asks if she accepted defeat so soon. She says no. Aaliya tells him about her problem and leaves them alone. Pushkar tells Jahhnvi that she has only 2 options, either to get a girl for minister or back off. If she backs off, someone else will sit on her success and she will sit at home. Jahnvi says she will not use wrong route. He asks who is the girl btw. She says Jiah Shrivastava. Pushkar reminisces meeting he in Maya’s salon and tells Jahnvi that he can fix her meeting. Jahnvi says she does not want to take his help, else he will taunt her whole life. He asks to rethink.

Maya calls Pushkar and thinks his phone is not reachable, she needs to talk to him. Avinash comes and frightens her from behind. She is shocked and runs behind him to hit him. Mother sees them running around and laughing and says she is very happy seeing them like this and reminds their early marriage days.

Next morning, Sanaya tells Madhurima that Alwar’s janata wants new raja and rani’s rath yatra. Madhurima agrees. Shivraj enters and greets everyone. He praises Shreya and gifts her a book, ways to be happy. Shreya gets happy. He greets her and leaves Adhi and Madhurima fume seeing Shreya accepting Shivraj’s gift.

Adhi plays with Meet and Preet and jumps. Sona tells Tanya that he is very mischievous. He falls and injures his leg. Tanya gets worried. Dev calls Chaitanya. Tanya calls Akku and informs that Chaitanya wants to take Aniket with him. Akku permits.


Queens Hain Hum 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pushkar tells Maya that he thinks she loves hm. Maya says there is no word love in her dictionary. Jahnvi calls Puhkar and asks him to arrange meeting with Jiah. She meets Jiah and asks if she knows minister Shashi Burman.

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