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Queens Hain Hum 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 29th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Aniket falls and injures his knee and hand and cries that he wants to go mummy papa. Tanya calls Dev and he applies medicine and says his hand is also hurt, so he will call doc. Sona comments she already told this boy is very mischievous and they should call his father. Dev calls Chaitanya and asks to come soon.

Kinjal calls Jahnvi and informs her that MD is planning to make some outsider as CEO as he thinks she has gone slow now a days and did not complete Goa project after crossing deadline. Jahnvi reminisces Purshotam’s offer to arrangement meeting with Jiah.

Aniket continues pestering he wants his parents. Tanya calls Akku and tells about his injury. Akku says she will catch a flight and come there right now. Chinu comes and says why did not Akku let Aniket with him, he wants to take Aniket with him now. Akku hears that and says let him take.

Pushkar calls Maya at midnight. She picks call and he says he is superfine. She says she did not ask him. He says he is going to a cafeteria and she can meet him if she wants. She says at this time. He says her wish. She reaches restaurant. He greets her. She blasts how dare he is to call her at midnight and the other day got intimate with her wearing Avinash’s eye mask, she would have slapped him that day. He says relax after that day, Avinash showed her love for her and they must have got too intimate. Maya reminisces whole incident and asks how does he know, if he fixed CCTV cameras in her bedroom. He says relax and continues, says she loves him. She says what rubbish. He says means yes, why can’t she love 2 people. She says it is nonsense. He says she does not love Avinash. She says again what rubbish. He says when she will return home, her family will ask where did she go, she will lie to meet a friend, it proves she loves him. Maya leaves. Jahnvi calls Pushkar and asks him to arrange meeting with Jiah at 8 a.m. He says how about 10 a.m. as Jiah is a party animal. Jahnvi says 8 a.m. sharp.

Maya returns home. Her MIL asks where is she coming from at 2:15 a.m. Jahnvi gets nervous. Avinash also comes. Maya says to meet Jahnvi. Avinash says Jahnvi would have come here. Maya gets more nervous. MIL asks them to relax and sleep now as they have get children ready for school in the morning.

Jahnvi meets Pushkar in a restaurant. He asks if she planned how to manage Jiah and minister. She says sort of. Jiah comes and hugs Pushkar and says he called for a date yoga in the morning. He introduces Jahnvi to Jiah. Jiah asks if she is his girlfriend. Jahnvi says college friend and asks if she knows minister Sashi Burman. Jiah says yes, but why she is asking. Jahnvi asks if he was in Ms. Bhopal selection board. Jiah says yes, and he is pestering her repeatedly that he favored her, else she would have come 3rd. Jahnvi asks if she wants to become Ms India and can do anything for that. Jiah says yes. Jahnvi says then she has to meet minister one and become Miss India 2017 with his help.


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