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Queens Hain Hum 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Shreya and Adhi spend a quality time together. They play volleyball and discuss about their passion, likes and dislikes. They then enjoy vada pav. Adhi says Indian burger is tasty. Shreya says it is vada pav. Adhi says if she promises to take care of him if he falls ill after eating vada pav, he will have it. Shreya says he will not fall ill. She then confesses about her drug addiction and says after marriage, she took drugs twice, once when their honeymoon trip got canceled and second when Madhurima told her about Adhi’s health issue. She promises she will not take drugs again. Adhi holds her hand and tells he trusts her. He then tells her about his passion for football, but had to give up to pursue family’s political career. He tells he used to even stammer. Shreya says now he gives speeches and attends seminar, starts praising him. He says thank you. She says now medical science has advanced so much that people are changing their gender, his impotency problem is very small, if he permits, she will take doc’s appointment. Madhurima calls Shreya and says Sanaya why she is not picking call. Sanaya brainwashses her that if Shreya makes any mistake, it will defame Adhi’s political career and their party.

Tanya hears Shivaay crying and walks into Sona’s room. Sona is busy chatting with Amrith over phone and informing her how she handled Tanya. Tanya picks baby. Sona comes and snatches baby. MIL comes and scolds Sona what was she doing. Sona asks her to tell Tanya not to touch her baby. MIL says even Tanya is a mother. Sona says she is Amber/Shivaay’s mother and not Tanya.

Akku sees Aniket misbehaving and asks what happened to him. He informs there is parent-teacher meeting and both parents have to attend meeting. Akku messages Chaitanya to call her back. He calls back and she says they have to attend Aniket’s parent-teacher meeting. He says he will not as he used to attend alone and Akku was busy in her career, now it is Akku’s turn and her problem. Aniket asks Akku if she and papa had a fight, why papa is not coming home. Akku meets teacher next day. Teacher tells that Aniket is getting arrogant and fighting with other students, so she has to take psychiatrist help for Aniket, else he will be restricated from school. Akku says she cannot do that. Teacher children get arrogant when parents pamper them too much or when there is a fight between parents. Akku says there is a problem between he and her husband.

Jahnvi chats with Aaliya over phone and asks about her dog. Aaliya says dog is her baby now and is very mischievous, etc. Jahnvi gets back to work and asks Hetal to submit files. Hetal says file is not ready. Another staff submits file late. Jahnvi scolds her for her improfessional behavior and says she will not tolerate it. Staff leaves sadly. Hetal tells girl’s PG owner vacated her, so she is tensed. Jahnvi asks whey did not she tell her and asks if anyone of the staff can accommodate her. Hetal says no.

Maya calls Shreya and asks how is her vacation going and if she got intimate with Adhi. Shreya shies and tells her what she told Adhi. Maya then gets call from her chat friend who passes lewd comments. She gets very angry.

Queens Hain Hum 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Madhurima asks Shreya and Adhi why did not they pick call. Desho tells Akku that her husband is objecting and she cannot work with her now. MIL yells at Tanya that if Tanya was not infertile, she would have got her grandchildren and her children would not have to be separated. Maya’s chat friend calls and passes lewd comments again.

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