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Queens Hain Hum 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 30th March 2017 video watch online on

Chinu hears door bell and sees Akku standing in front of him. Akku says she came to pick Aniket. Chinu says he will not send Aniket, she left him alone and he got ligament tear. She says she left him with Tanya. He says so what Tanya is not a mother, how will she know to take care of babies. He continues that even she does not know anything as she used to come home every day when Aniket was sound asleep. She insists. He says she can do whatever she can, do dharna or call police, he will not send Aniket, sends her out and locks door.

Sona asks Tanya why she is not showing pregnancy symptoms. Dev says each person’s body is different. Tanya says she is not having even a single symptom. Sumitra asks Dev to call doc. Dev acts as calling doc and thinks if he reveals that Tanya is not pregnant, whole house will shatter again.

Shreya sees Adhi still and tries to convince him. He says she is a modern woman and can do anything. She asks if he is angry as she spoke to raja saheb and accepted his gift. She pampers him and he laughs. She says his behavior is exactly like raja sahib, mature and graceful. He gets angry and says he is like his mother and leaves fuming.

Chinu with his friend Shelly bandages Aniket’s wounds. Aniket insists to meet Akku. Chinu says mamma is out of station. Door bell rings and Akku enters with police. Aniket runs to her and asks Shelly to help pack his bag. Inspector tells Chinu he should let child go with his mother without any issue. Chinu asks why should he when Akku cannot take care of Aniket. He argues and holds inspector’s collar. Inspector warns he can arrest him for misbehavior. Chinu apologizes and says he will not forgive Akku for this.

Dev speaks to Maya over phone and explains his dilemma. Maya asks why don’t he inform truth to Tanya. He can he is confused whether to inform truth or not. Tanya comes with Sona and asks what truth. He says his boss wife eloped, so he is discussing with his colleague whether to inform boss or not. Tanya asks to handle himself and leaves. Sona hears Dev’s conversation hiding and thinks if it is related to Tanya’s pregnancy.

Jahnvi calls minister’s PA and informs that she arranged Jiah and when to come for minister’s signatures on Goa project. He asks to come over to minister’s farm house. Aliya comes and confronts Jahnvi that she did not realize she can stoop so low and supply another woman for her benefit. Jahnvi warns her to stay out of her professional issues. Jiah comes and tells Jahnvi that she is very tensed that minster may harm her. Jahnvi assures her nothing will happen and takes her to minister’s farm house. She gets minister’s signatures first and lets Jiah go in. Jiah walks with minister’s PA nervously.


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