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Queens Hain Hum 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Queens Hain Hum 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Sanaya brief Adhi about Madhurima’s ordered press conference and says he does not have to worry about anything, she has invited everyone and made all arrangements. Adhi says she forgot to invite Junior her highness Mrs. Shreya Rathod. Sanaya says Madhurima will not like it. He says she should just obey orders. Sanaya invites Shreya for press conference.

Tanya’s nieces Meet and Preet search her house and get lost on streets. They ask people if they know Tanya aunty’s Tandon house. A speeding car rushes towards them when Jahnvi saves them. They plead her to take them to Tanya’s house. She takes them to Tanya’s house and rings bell. Sumitra opens door. Meet and Preet greet her and run towards Tanya saying they wanted to meet her. Jahnvi tells Sumitra that she found children on road and saved her from accident. She asks Tanya how is she. She says fine and walks in. Jahnvi apologizes Sumitra for other day’s mistake and says she did not want to hurt her. Sumitra angrily looks at her. She walks out. Sumitra closes door.

Jahnvi calls Akku and fumes that Tanya’s family has lost it, she found Meet and Preet on road and took them to Tanya’s house, but Sumitra did not greet her. Akku asks her to relax. Jahnvi says something serious has happened at Tanya’s house and they need to find out. Akku sees Desho coming and says she will send Desho there and find out. She informs Desho whole issue. Desho asks her not to worry and leaves with Aniket.

Maya serves morning tea to Avinash. He asks what was she telling about love yesterday, she did not tell same line when he asked after their marriage. Maya says after their marriage, she told love is kuch kuch hota hai as she was kuch kuch hota hai’s fan at that time. She reminds him how he forced her to tell I love you and describes the incident. They both laugh and continue their chat.

Desho reaches Tanya’s house and hears Sumitra insisting Dev for something and he leaving for office telling he will not. Tanya greets her in and Sumitra makes angry face. Aniket greets Meet and Preet. Tanya asks what he wants to have. He says cheese parantha. Tanya goes to kitchen and Desho follows her. Tanya asks how are others. Desho asks who. Tanya says she knows and knows they sent her to check how is she. Desho asks if she is fine. Tanya says she is. Desho says then fine asks if she can come to meet her often. Tanya say yes.

Adhi’s press meet starts. Reports ask Shreya if press meet is to announce he pregnancy news. Sanaya says no. Madhurima comes and says she is celebrating Adhi’s 25th birthday. Reporter asks if Adhi’s father Shivraj is coming from ashram to wish him. Madhurima says yes. They ask intriguing question. Madhurima leaves.

Amrith comes to Tanya’s house and starts her drama. Tanya asks if she needs anything. Amrith says juice and food as she lost 2 kg in Delhi’s summer. She munches food when Sumitra comes taunts she came now and is not worried about Meet and Preet. Amrith says Sona is busy taking care of Amber. Sumitrra continues confronting. Amrith says nobody came to check on Sona and children and did not even send expenses, so she came to inform Sumitra to give Sona and Jatin’s property share.


Queens Hain Hum 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Aaliya asks Jahnvi to promise that she will not ignore her. Tanya’s MIL finds alliance for Dev’s second marriage and tells girl that she should know that Dev loves his first wife, but is marrying just for baby. Akku tries to slap Chaitanya and he holds her hands.

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