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Queens Hain Hum 8th February 2017 Written Update


Queens Hain Hum 8th February 2017 Written Update and Queens Hain Hum 8th February 2017 video watch online

Maya scolds Jahnvi for provoking Akku wrongly and says this is not her corporate culture, it is relationship and relationships are dealt emotionally. Argument continues. Jahnvi says she does not want to talk to her. Maya says fine and leaves. Avinash follows her.

Dev informs Tanya about Akku’s problem. Tany informs Maya that she is reaching Akku’s tries to leave home with Dev to meet Akku, but MIL stops her and says no need to meet Akku, woman like Akku deserves divorce, she just needs career and not family. Even she was working and handling house, but never was arrogant like Akku. Tanya massages Maya that she cannot come.

Akku reaches home. Desho gives her courier letter and says courier boy wanted to give envelope only to her, but she told madamji is having heart problem,so he gave it to her. Akku opens envelope and is shocked to see divorce papers. She remembers her happier moments with Chaitanya and gets very hisheartened.

Maya reaches back her salon. Her assistant asks if she is fine, if Jimmy did not pester her. Maya says no and sees Tanya’s message. She calls Tanya, but MIL picks calls and says Tanya is busy. Maya says Tanya had messaged her. MIL scolds and disconnects call.

Jahnvi is in office. Swati says she got a PG and will move out of her house. Jahnv says okay. Colleague comes and informs her that swati sent wrong quote to client and client is demanding meeting today. Jahnvi fumes.

Shreya tells Adhi that he did good by meeting s*xpert who sent him to psychiatrist. His impotency is psychological and he can be cured. Work pressure since he was 15 years gold is the problem. Adhi says yes and says let us go and have Mumbai food. Shreya asks if they get it here. He says yes. She asks about his father, where is he and why Madhurima dresses like widow. He says he does not know. She says let us go and enjoy Mumbai food.

Jahnvi calls Swati and scolds him in front of whole staff and asks to redo file staying in office whole night. Hetal says how will a girl stay alone. Jahnvi says she does not care.

Sanaya tells Madhurima that Shreya is involving too much in Adhi’s life and he is not even picking calls and has gone out like common people to a restaurant. Madhurima says Shreya knows her limits and Sanaya should go home and relax.

Maya and Jahnvi meet at Akku’s home. Jahnvi provokes Akku not to bend in front of Chaitanya and fight for her rights. Maya confronts her and says this is relationship and not her corporate office. Their argument starts again.

Queens Hain Hum 9th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Adhi tells Shreya that his father is Shivrajsingh Rathod and met his father when he was very young. Maa told dad took Buddhism long ago. Hetal informs Jahnvi that Swati has filed molestation case on her. Jahnvi is shocked.

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