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Quick Written Update 18th December 2017


Dil Dhoondta Hai Quick Written Update 18th December 2017:
Raavi hides the matter from Rishi, thinking he will not believe her. Raavi didn’t had any proof against Sonia. Everything gets clear in front of Rishi now. Sonia gets the chawl papers. She tries to get Rishi by blackmailing him. She madly loves Rishi. She came in their lives just for Rishi. She tells him that she will return the papers only if he accepts her. Rishi and Raavi make a plan to fool Sonia. They want the chawl papers back. Raavi’s plan fails. Rishi gets confused over the matter. He makes excuses and runs away from Sonia.

Udaan Quick Written Update 18th December 2017:

Imli and Ranvijay use Suraj’s hatred for Chakor. Imli is much troubled by Chakor’s return. She doesn’t want Chakor to interfere in her work. Suraj thinks Chakor is a hurdle for him and his masters. Ranvijay asks Suraj not to be foolish to waste the bullets by shooting at the pots. Imli asks him to stop shooting. Ranvijay says you will spoil our name by such mad doings. Imli asks Suraj to share his problem. He tells that Chakor always follows him, she keeps asking him to recall their relation. He shares the entire matter.

Dil Se Dil Tak Quick Written Update 18th December 2017:
Parth gets Teni arrested. Teni tries to escape the police. She wants to run away. She doesn’t want Parth to believe her as a culprit. She wants to save her child. She fools the constable. She doesn’t want anyone to hurt her child. Parth learns Teni has run away. He tries to find her. Teni has faced much of Parth’s anger and hatred. Parth hates her a lot.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre Quick Written Update 18th December 2017:

Devi cures herself from the poison affect. Devi gets fine by taking the medicines. Adhiraj gets to hear her and realizes she has really poisoned Maasa’s food. Adhiraj gets a thought to taking revenge from her. He thinks he did a big mistake to believe Devi. Adhiraj and Devi’s terms are changing. They appear to be coming close. Kesar wants them to be happy. Devi feels her love story is getting completed. She is experiencing new emotions. She is surprised by Adhiraj’s good behavior.

Meri Durga Quick Written Update 18th December 2017:
Sanjay talks to Aarti and promises her that he will manage the project well. Durga asks him not to lie. She teases him and provokes his anger. Sanjay gets disturbed by her. She sings songs and troubles him a lot. Aarti and her dad ask Sanjay not to lose this golden chance to tackle Durga’s parents. Sanjay disconnects the call and ties up Durga to make her shut up.

Tu Aashiqui Quick Written Update 18th December 2017:
Ahaan lands in police station. Uday tries to help him. Ahaan tells inspector that he didn’t initiate the fight. Inspector troubles Ahaan on JD’s orders. He is doing every work coming his way. He is not caring for the type of people hiring him.

Ishqbaaz Quick Written Update 18th December 2017:

Shivay and Anika join Ahana and Anant in the special episode. They compliment Ahana and Anant for their unique and lovely relation. Shivay encourages their love. Ahana realizes she dearly loves Anant, as love doesn’t have any conditions. Shivay and Anika plan a surprise for them. Rehaan gets troubled by his growing feelings for Ahana.

Laado 2 Quick Written Update 18th December 2017:
Amma ji targets Rantej at the club. She finds him dancing with some girls. Amma ji points the gun at Rantej and threatens to kill him. Rantej asks him to get away if she wants to be alive. Amma ji wants to punish him for Jhanvi’s murder.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji Quick Written Update 18th December 2017:
Kanak joins Uma’s marriage functions as a baraati. She comes from Payal’s in-laws’ side and doesn’t leave any chance to irritate Maasi. Kanak asks Uma not to have any anger thoughts, as she didn’t come as his wife. Kanak takes the responsibility to take his baraat. Maasi gets worried seeing Kanak’s surprising move.

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