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“Ragini…how will our baby look? I mean will it look like you or like me?” asked Lakshya as he snuggled in to the nape of her neck. They were still on the bed, hugging each other and that way caressing each other irresistibly. Ragini smiled at the question that he had just asked her. “I don’t know Lakshya…but I know…it will be so cute…so beautiful and so little to fit in to your arms…” said her. Lakshya smiled and turned her towards him carefully. She smiled looking in to his penetrating and attractive eyes. “Ragini…i fell so lucky…I feel happy that not very late form now, I will have a baby of my own who will call me Papa and you as Mamma. It will sleep in my arms, play with me. It will grow slowly and will walk holding my fingers…how dreamy and beautiful would be our life na Ragini…” he asked her. She was very happy to see him that much happy. This was definitely one landmark in their life, something that would change their relationship forever, making it as hard as a diamond. Their life would also change; they would be a mom and dad now, they will have those responsibilities. A new take towards life, maturity and compassion. She tried to feel the little one inside her keeping her soft arm on her belly. It felt ecstatic to know that this little thing was growing inside her signifying the beautiful love she and he had shared. Lakshya too kept his palm on her belly completing the feeling of parenthood. “Lakshya…How nice it would be na…” she asked him. “hmmm…And I’m already excited to take our baby in my arms…” said him. “Lakshya…I too wish for that…but it’s nature’s rule that we will have to wait nine months for getting our baby in our arms…” said Ragini. “Yes…But till then we’ll feel it…We’ll cherish every memory related with it…We’ll stay together all the while and make it the best time in our lives…” said him. “Ragini nodded happily. Lakshya kissed on her forehead and hugged her giving her comfy warmth of his chest. “You sleep…” said him. She nodded and they drifted off to a nice sleep again.

Next morning. Lakshya and Ragini and their breakfast and set out to just enjoy in the surroundings of their beautiful rest home. It was bright and sunny, but not scorching hot. They walked amongst the tulips cuddled to each other. “Ragini…I think I have brought in the right time…Now we’d come here occasionally…that’s so nice to keep up the mood of you and the baby.” said Lakshya. Ragini smiled happily and hugged him sideways. They sat on the little bridge that was built across the rill to let them go to the other side of the rill, in to the maple woods. Their bare feet touched in the cold water of the stream. Ragini kept her head on his shoulder and he caressed her hairs. “Let’s go in to the woods…”said her. He smiled agreeing and got up. He helped her to get up and they walked in to the woods. Ragini smiled and left his hands. She went to a maple tree and leaned on it. Lakshya smiled at her and followed her. He reached her and blocked her way with his two hands that was kept on the tree. She looked in to his eyes and smiled. “Baby…papa is gonna get a little romantic and mischievous…So close your eyes…”said Lakshya as he leaned on to Ragini. He looked at her lips which were pink and glowing with the use of her lip glosser. He blew at her lips making them part. He slowly took her lower lip in to his mouth and smooched it softly. His hands were around her waist and her hands snaked his neck. They kissed passionately feeling each other’s love. Ragini’s eyes overflowed with tears as she felt his overwhelming love towards her. He softly bit her lower lip and entered her mouth. She smiled in to his mouth and clutched his shirt. After having tasted each other’s passion for a little more time, they pulled back and hugged each other in happiness. “Lakshya…I’m very lucky that I got a life partner like you who always loves me a lot, who always cares me a lot and…” “Who can die for you…” completed him. “I love you yaar…” she said hugging him tight. “I love you too na yaar…” he too said. “Ragini…I’m gonna tell you something…” said Lakshya. “What?” asked her. “Ragini…we will have to travel back today evening…actually it was meant to be a week trip, but you see, that stupid manager, he called again and got my temper loose…God knows what all blunders he would have done on the papers…And there are some really super important projects which can’t let go..So if you say…” he was reluctant in completing. “We’re travelling back…” said her. He smiled at her and was happy that she was so understanding. “Thank you Ragini..said him. Ragini kept her palm on her belly. “See baby…your Papa is such a stupid…” she said chuckling. “Acchhha…I’m stupid?”Will show you…” said Lakshya. He hugged her and move towards her lips again to enjoy their time together.

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