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Ratan decides to deny Diya’s love in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Ratan realizes Diya’s love for him, which doesn’t make him happy. He gets worried as he didn’t wish this to happen. He thinks of their age gap and doesn’t want to have any love bond with Diya. He wants to deny her love. Kakusa alerts Ratan of Diya’s feelings. He assures to help Ratan get out of this love mess. Ratan falls down the stairs. Ratan gets severe back pain. He asks Diya to help him out by healing his sprain. Diya is in love with him. Diya dreams a romantic moment with Ratan. Ratan asks her is she day dreaming. He finds her lost and staring at him. He hits himself intentionally and wants to prove to her that he is a drug addict. He wants to avoid Diya’s love.

She is surprised by his weird behavior. Ratan and Kakusa are planning to prove Ratan at fault, so that Diya leaves Ratan forever. Ratan knows Diya loves him and wants her to end ties with him on her own. He wants to get rid of the relation without hurting her heart.

Ratan hurts himself and keeps falling down. He behaves weird as if he is not in his senses. Diya supports him and starts worrying for his health. She asks him why is he stumbling like he is not on his own. Ratan wants Diya to figure out that he is taking drugs. He does this drama to fool Diya. Diya thinks to find out if Ratan is really turning into a drug addict. Ratan plants some fake drugs in the room. He acts to hide the drugs from her. Kakusa guides Ratan in taking the drama ahead.

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