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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ratan And Diya’s Ritual Test


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 11th December 2017 Episode Start With Ratan’s family panics angrily when he announces that he loves Diya. Sakshi taunts Isha that Diya was only controlling Ratan till now and will control them all from hereon as Thakurani and jokes by the time Ratan turns Diya’s age, Diya’s face will wrinkle. Bua says there are a lot of antiwrinkle creams in market and hair dyes which Sakshi uses. Sakhi fumes in anger. Ratan watches everything and says Diya everyone’s true colors are coming out now. Bhuvan walks to CT and scolds if she loves Diya more than him that she did not resist when Ratan told he loves Diya. CT asks him to wait and not lose patience.

She fixes microphone in flower vase and asks maid Bijli to give it to Diya and tell she gifted it. Bijli keeps vase in Diya’s room. CT wears headphone and listens Ratan and Diya’s talks. Ratan loudly says Diya that her move was superb. She takes him to bathroom and says this is their safe zone and they will talk about their plans here. CT gets disappointed not hearing them. Ratan says he likes bathroom a lot and feels free here. Their nok jhok starts. Diya says his acting was superb. He says he imagined his ex-girlfriend in her and acted, what about her and whom did she imagine. Diya sneezes. He holds her nose. She gasps for air and hitting his forehead says this is how one should stop sneezing. Ratan says old woman..

CT gets engrasped in deep thoughts and does not notice scorpion in front of her. Bhuvan enters inebriated and seeing scorpion pushes hit away and scolds CT. CT says she will get it out via servant. Bhuvan says scorpion’s nature is to bite and will not stop even if she loves it a lot, same with Diya, Diya will not stop pehredari/protecting.

On the other side, Priya meets Raghu and informs him whole incident. She says earlier someone attacked Ratan and now Ratan loves Diya, something is missing. Raghu assures her to find out truth.

Diya wakes up in the morning and sees Ratan sleeping. Ayush comes and asks Diya to give hotelpendrive as he needs to add more data. Diya says it is with Ratan and she will get it. She walks in and shakes Ratan. Ratan wakes up and pushes her She slips and falls on him. Serial’s title song plays in the background. Diya feels shy and Ratan asks her to move. Ayush walks in and feels shy. Diya nervously gets up and gives him pendrive. He leaves. Ratan scolds if she always falls on him. She says if he had told where pendrive is, this would not have happened. He says she should be punished and runs behind her holding water mug. She runs out of room and clashes with CT and others. Ratan stops seeing them. Sakshi says maasa came here to inform Ratan and Diya about royal ritual. CT says it wa performed by all Daata Hukum so far, so Diya and Ratan should do this ritual. She gives clothes to Diya and asks to wear it for temple. Diya realizes she CT wants to know if her and Ratan’s love is true or they are acting.

Diya gets ready wearing CT’s given dress. Ratan asks her to select his dress. Their nok jhok starts again. Yash walks in and congratulating them apologizes for congratulating late. He reminisces telling Diya to think about her fiance Abhay. He tells he is both Diya and Ratan’s friend, but they did not inform her about their love. Ratan says it happened unknowingly and he could not inform. Diya asks Yash to select Ratan’s dress. Yash picks dress and says he and Ratan bought it, but Ratan did not wear it till now. Ratan says his choice has changed and he will not wear it. Yash warns Ratan not to leave Diya, else he will not spare him. Diya walks feeling sorry for not involving Yash in her plan.

Ratan wears royal sherwani and reaches temple with Diya. Diya tells him that CT wants to know truth. CT reaches with family and tells rules of ritual. Ratan says he does not have to prove his love for Diya with this ritual. CT says all previous daata hukum’s have done this and even he should do it. Sakshi says Ratan has to walk bare foot till temple. CT gives kalash with coconut and says Diya should carry it and cannot drop. Ratan lifts Diya and walks. Their nok jhok starts again. Ratan yells he is carrying her, that does not mean he accepts this ritual. Diya says she is sure CT wants to know truth via this ritual. Ratan stumbles. Diya asks him not to drop her. He corrects himself and walks. Family looks at them walking far behind. Veil falls on Diya’s face. Ratan holsd veil on her cheek and pulls it away. Diya looksa t his face. Background song continues.. They reach near temple and greet pandit. Pandit blesses them and says let us go in. CT stops and says they have to perform another ritual, Diya will be blindfolded and Ratan will shows her a way. Ratan asks how will he show direction walking in front. Sakshi says it is test of compatibility and he has to show tell dayen/right or dayen/left. Ratan gets confused and reminisces incident where he asks servant where is Diya and she says in the dayen/right room. He gets confused. CT walks away signaling pandit. Pandit smirks.

CDiya walks behind Ratan blindfolded. Ratan walks in front showing direction dayen/bayen. Pandit stops Ratan and gets him busy in chat. Diya walks towards cliff end. CT thinks if Diya is true warrior’s daughter and will follow rules and not fall down from cliff, but if she does not love Ratan, she will fall down to prove her drama even when blindfold is transparent due to sunrays . Diya stops at the end of cliff and asks Ratan if he wants to kill her, he should have directly told her, if he does not want to marry her, then why all this drama, she saw cliff end due to transparent blindfold. Rat an says he showed her right direction, but she may got confused, anyways he would not let her fall and save her like super hero. He touches her forehead and nose with his forehead and nose acting as expressing his love for her. CT and her team fume. Sakshi says so cute.. Diya realizes enemy wanted to kill her or expose her truth.


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Ratan reveals Diya t hat he truly loves her and says realized his feeling when he walked on temple steps lifting her.

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